The British Columbia government released a campaign to educate the public on how gambling can negatively impact society. The province’s parent organization, B.C.’s Problem Gambling Support Line, said they were “disappointed” with their portrayal in the communications materials and called for an apology from the provincial government.

The BC provincial government has started an education campaign for its residents about gambling, but not everyone is happy with the program. The main concern of some parents and critics is that the program does not adequately address young people’s access to gambling in British Columbia.

The “responsible gambling program” is a campaign that BC has launched to promote responsible gambling. The campaign is not going well, as some parents are unhappy with it.

B.C. Parent Unhappy with Gambling Education Campaign

Recently, a Vancouver parent chastised a B.C. gambling education organization for its current instructional ad, calling it inappropriate. The parent is upset that a local organization is giving away cartoon storybooks, yo-yos, and bouncy toy dice, and has even referred to the organization as a gambling lobby.


However, the local government acknowledged that it was the Gambling Support BC organization (GSBC) and its prevention providers, not a gambling advocacy group. The goal of the organization is to educate both children and parents on themes such as gambling dangers, decision making, and communication via the distribution of educational toys and literature.

Inappropriate Content


The mother, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed the gang approached her kid and babysitter at Garden Park in East Vancouver on March 27, 2022. She stated that the brochure they were handed depicted a cartoon bear stealing a phone and then gambling obsessively for a day and night, threatening close pals who sought to intervene and help out.

She says that this conduct is not shown as excessive in the tale since the bear is not punished for its acts and behavior other than having to return the phone. Furthermore, the enraged resident said that the bouncing dice are designed to mimic gambling in order to pique children’s attention, and that she does not see the reasoning behind it.

The Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General issued a statement in response to her, stating that the GSBC preventive providers provide a variety of services. All demographics will benefit from educational and awareness sessions, health promotion, and community participation. The contractors, according to the government, provide organized presentations in schools or in public, which may involve broadcasting of other program-endorsed and age-appropriate content.

The GSBC is creating its Choices and Chances online site in collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use and Research, which was released in 2018. The Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General both said that the website is gambling neutral, meaning it is neither pro nor against gaming.

Children Should Not Play Scratch Cards

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation, which takes great care in safeguarding its residents, oversees regulated gaming and lottery activities in B.C. For example, the Crown agency conducted a public-information campaign called #GiftSmart before Christmas 2021. This campaign advised residents not to give scratch tickets as gifts over the holidays, since there is a danger of developing gambling addictions if children begin playing the lottery at a young age.


The Crown agency also has a specific player safety program known as GameSense, which is available online as well as at all lottery retail shops, casinos, and gaming centers in British Columbia. When the BCLC’s offices and casinos closed in March 2020, it created a dedicated phone line for players who were having gambling issues and needed assistance or merely needed information on game odds, among other things.

Maria Diment is the author of this article. “A Vancouver parent claims that a B.C. gambling education organization offering toys and literature to children in parks sends out wrong messages,” according to the Vancouver Sun. April 6, 2022, Vancouver is Awesome

The “bc responsible gambling program jobs” is a campaign that was created by the British Columbia government to educate parents on how to protect their children from gambling. However, many parents are unhappy with the program and feel as if it does not go far enough in educating them on the dangers of gambling.

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