BCLC Gaming announces a major scratch ticket win. The winning ticket was purchased at the casino and the prize is worth $1 million dollars.

BCLC Informs of Major Scratch Ticket Win

This week, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced another another big lottery victory. Carmen and Clinton Crossman are the fortunate winners, and they were overjoyed to discover that their Set for Life scratch-off ticket had won them a large sum of money. The reward, according to the Crown agency, is worth a whopping CA$675,000.


The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has already paid out over CA$10,000,000 in Set for Life awards for the year 2021. On PlayNow.com, locals may buy physical and online tickets for the game. Tickets may also be examined at any time using the BCLC Lotto! app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Scratch-Off Victory


Mr. and Mrs. Crossman, the winners, said they were taken aback when they learned that their scratch-off ticket had won them such a large sum of money. The pair stated that the life-changing ticket was bought at Super Save Gas on Front Street in Quesnel after arriving at a BCLC office to collect their reward.

Ms. Crossman discovered the big prize by scratching the ticket in her vehicle and immediately calling Mr. Crossman to share the exciting news. She says that she didn’t know she had won at first and began trembling as soon as she realized what had happened. The victors claim that the sensation has not yet worn off and that they are still aware of their victory.

The pair stated that with the CA$675,000, they intend to buy their first house and perhaps retire sooner. Ms. Crossman says she’s still in disbelief and can’t find the right words to express how she feels about the victory, but she thinks it’s a life-changing and wonderful sensation.

B.C. Winner Sets a New Record

The BCLC announced in early October that a British Columbia resident is the next Lotto Max millionaire. The winner, who lives somewhere in Burnaby, has earned a mind-blowing sum of CA$70,000,000. This is by far the province’s largest lottery victory, but the winner’s name has yet to be disclosed.

There’s One More Winner

Shortly after the province’s record-breaking Lotto Max victory, the Crown agency received word of another massive lottery win. After winning half of the Lotto 6/49 jackpot during the game’s Wednesday, October 6 draw, the fortunate winner is now worth CA$5.8 million. A ticket holder from Ottawa took home the other half of the grand prize.

The winning ticket holder from B.C. has failed to contact the Crown agency, despite the fact that he or she is in possession of a substantial sum of CA$5,790,419 in their possession. In addition, the winning numbers for the round were 07, 18, 19, 38, 42, 46, with 31 as the bonus number. Before the award expires, the recipient will have 52 weeks to contact the agency and collect their prize.

Source: BCLC, October 13, 2021, “$675K Set for Life Win Leaves Quesnel Couple “Flabbergasted.”

The bc scratch and win prizes remaining is a major lottery that was announced on May 10th. BCLC has stated that there will be over $1,000,000 in prizes left to be won.

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