Following the release of a documentary featuring allegations that players were cheating in online casino games, Bryn Kenney took to social media last week to respond. The controversial figure insisted he was innocent and claimed his accusers had ulterior motives as part of a larger conspiracy with governments.

Bryn Kenney, Players Accused of Cheating Respond to Allegations. Bryn Kenney is a professional poker player who was recently accused by players of cheating. Read more in detail here: bryn kenney twitter.

Bryn Kenney, Players Accused of Cheating Respond to Allegations

Bryn Kenney, a high-stakes poker pro, and others allegedly involved have responded to the allegations in recent days after allegations surfaced last week.

On Sunday, Kenny took to Twitter to reject the accusations levied against him last week by Martin Zamani, one of the players Kenney staked. Kenney, according to Zamani, was in charge of a major collusion, multi-accounting, and cheating enterprise. The poker pro finally spoke out on Sunday to refute the accusations.

“Dear all of my friends and followers, there have been claims made against me,” Kenney said on Twitter. “The most important to me is me being engaged in any form of infidelity.” “There is no proof of this, and everybody who knows me knows that isn’t true.” I’ll get back to you on this as soon as I can.”

Over the past two days, others participating in the plan have also answered. Some seemed to validate at least some portions of Zamani’s account while dismissing others.

Kenney claims there was no cheating.

Kenney has not been heard from since the claims until Sunday’s Tweet. Doug Polk, on the other hand, said that he had received a legal threat from Kenney before to interviewing Zamani for his program.

Polk remarked on Twitter that “Bryn Kenny has threatened me with legal action by his lawyers if misinformation is circulated and it severely impacts him.”

Polk went on with the interview despite this. Other strange information surfaced last week, in addition to the charges of cheating and conspiracy. Kenney, according to Zamani, forced players attend psychics when they weren’t doing properly.

Players in his “stable” were also advised to visit a shaman, and some even had the “Kambo” experience. The method is characterized as a therapeutic tradition from South America. The body of a patient is injected with the deadly secretions of a huge monkey frog.

Those in the poker group who underwent the procedure, according to Zamani, became violently ill. Kenney was also accused of running his stable like a cult leader, according to him.

Kenney didn’t directly address any of the allegations in his Sunday tweet.



Another suspect in the purported plot reacts to the allegations.

Over the previous four days, Kenney wasn’t the only one engaged in the claims to reply to Zamani’s assertions. Kenney was singled out for allowing Lauren Roberts to “ghost” her performance.

That means that during a final table, another player is coaching and assisting a player with direct influence over that player’s decisions on individual hands. Kenney was also charged by Zamani of exploiting Roberts’ account to play online.

On Twitter, Roberts expressed sorrow for her engagement with Kenney. Kenney and her also exchanged text messages. Attempts to gaslight Roberts for money allegedly due to him were among them.

The messages I posted were from a recent altercation in which Bryn claimed I owed him money and I demanded an accounting. Notice how the number changes; he recorded it in the book, but suddenly there was no book; he maintains track of 1000 people, no spreadsheet, and never makes a mistake.

April 23, 2022 — Lauren Roberts (@PlayPokerLkAMan)

Despite her efforts to leave the stable, Kenney persisted in pressuring Roberts to play poker, according to Roberts. 

“Then he becomes abusive, which is pathological,” she said. “When I told him I wasn’t playing anymore, he devised a new strategy.” He was going to mail me a ‘free roll.’ He told me he’d give me half of Sergi’s stake to fund the play since he required me to play before the last losing streak in 2019.”

Roberts appeared to validate some of the multi-accounting and ghosting charges, in addition to the gaslighting allegations.

Roberts says, “I’ve been in finance/poker for a long time, and I’m not dumb.” “I knew he was playing my account (apart from ‘coaching’ me while I was playing) because one day he informed me I’d ‘won’ a tournament and our number miraculously went down.” But I saw ghosting and collaboration with other accounts as well.”

Kenney was also accused of soliciting funds to build his own online poker firm, according to Roberts. He guaranteed that a player’s investment would be “100x.”

“When he and GG had a falling out,” she says, “he decided to start his own poker site and raised money for it, which is another potential shitstorm.”

‘Sergi’ comes out and disputes the claims of infidelity.

In both Zamani’s charges and Roberts’ answer, the name “Sergi” appeared. Sergi Reixach is a poker pro who was born in Girona, Spain, and currently resides in England, according to Hendon Mob. He’s also a fixture on the high roller scene in Las Vegas.

Reixach, according to Zmani, was a key figure in the ghosting and multi-accounting scam. Reixach, in a message uploaded on Twitter on Saturday, rejected some of the allegations.

He said that although he did assist Zamani at the final table, he simply provided broad tips rather than specific hand-by-hand assistance.

In a statement, Reixach said, “The charges of a ghosting plan are totally incorrect.”

Reixach denied using RTA (real-time assistance software), although he did admit that he was banned by GGPoker in 2020. However, he claimed that this was due to the use of “preflop charts” rather than RTA.

This is the image I used to make a statement.

April 23, 2022 — Sergi Reixach (@srxakgirona)

Reixach also disputed that he and other Spanish athletes colluded. He claims Zamani has threatened him and has a grudge against him, claiming that Zamani has sent him texts saying, “Hope you die.” 

Reixach also denied partaking in any shaman ceremonies, but he did express sorrow for parts of his participation.

“I realize I made some errors and should have acted differently,” he said. “However, it is very evident that Martin is making false claims against me.”

Zamani, for one, believes he did the right thing by coming out, regardless of the consequences to his personal image.

Last Friday, he said, “First time I’ve ever felt pleased with anything I’ve done.” “Whatever the ramifications of my actions.”

Accusations have also been leveled at GGPoker.

GGPoker was also picked out by Zamani and Roberts. They claim Kenney was given permission to bring in players in exchange for a fee by the firm.

This included acting as the central figure in the payment of these players, with all funds flowing via him.

“Remember, there was no method to move money in and out of GG; everything had to go through Bryn, and it was all paid in cash, crypto, and chips,” Roberts said on Twitter.

On Monday, USPoker contacted GGPoker for comment. A spokeswoman for the corporation said that the company would not comment on the situation.

Players respond to the uproar.

In a separate instance, Ali Imsirovic was accused of cheating, conspiracy, and multi-accounting, in addition to the claims made against Kenney last week. Imsirovic has yet to reply to fellow high roller Alex Foxen’s claims.

Many people believe that the allegations have tarnished not just the individuals involved, but also the online poker industry as a whole. Some poker players believe that poker sites should do more to help players who have been banned for cheating. Chance Kornuth, a professional poker player, was among them.

We, as a poker community, have accepted the poker sites’ choices not to reveal cheats for an extended period of time. The criminals are taking money straight from the rest of us… It’s time for a thread because enough is enough.

April 21, 2022 — Chance Kornuth (@ChancesCards)

According to Partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard, these sorts of RTA concerns mostly impact high-stakes players. He argued that individuals with smaller stakes shouldn’t be concerned.

“For those small/mid-stakes players concerned about RTA, I understand your worry after the previous four or five days, but high-stakes players utilize RTA to jump from a 1% to a 3% ROI (return on investment),” he said. “Pros at low/mid stakes have closer to 15-25 percent ROIs, thus the cost (table decrease) isn’t worth it.”

Others just feel that incidents like this have a significant detrimental influence on the game as a whole.

Lederer, Ferguson, Russ Hamilton, and Annie Duke were all hailed as heroes by the poker community and the media, only to be shown to be vile creatures, and now another generation of players is being accused of cheating and wrongdoing.

April 23, 2022 — Sam Grafton (@SquidPoker)

Mike Postle was accused of infidelity in 2018 by Veronica Brill, who was one of the first to denounce him. Too frequently, she argues, individuals who engage in dishonest or unethical conduct face little meaningful penalties.

“Postle cheated in a casino live broadcast and nothing occurred,” she says. “A paper note pad and a pencil were sent to my residence by the DOJ (Department of Justice).” They’re not equipped to investigate high-tech poker cheating, much less use site scraping or data to grasp online cheating.”

Bryn Kenney, Players Accused of Cheating Respond to Allegations. Bryn Kenney is a professional poker player who has been accused of cheating by several players in the past. In this article, he responds to the allegations and gives his side of the story. Reference: guaranteed signs of cheating.

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