The poker world is in turmoil after Bryn Kenney was banned from the industry following accusations of cheating. In a recent incident, he reportedly admitted to playing games with an unfair edge and making use of information not available to other players. What does this mean for future tournaments?

The “bryn kenney bluff” is a poker pro that has been accused of cheating. The accusations have been leveled against him after he was caught on camera.

Cheating and ‘Cult’ Allegations Leveled Against Poker Pro Bryn Kenney

After charges of infidelity arose last weekend involving high-stakes pro Ali Imsirovic, further claims concerning Bryn Kenney appeared on Thursday.

Professional poker player On Twitter and on Doug Polk’s show, Martin Zamani accused the all-time live poker winnings leader of collusion and other misconduct. Multi-accounting, playing online several times, and even cult-like control of his staked players with apparently strange circumstances were all part of it.

Zamani was evidently fed up with the Kenney situation and wanted to go public with it.

He tweeted, “There are so many examples of him just plain abusing his horses, and no one has spoken anything because they feel Bryn has too much authority.” Well, screw it all. “I don’t stand a chance.”

“Brynn knew he was cheating,” Zamani said on Polk’s show. It wasn’t like it was a well guarded secret.”

Allegations of collusion and an overlay deal

Kenney endorsed Zamani, a 26-year-old poker player, on GGPoker and other sites. Kenney worked hard to get several of his “horses” into tournaments, according to Zamani, so there wouldn’t be an overlay.

He got a cut of the tournament rake as part of his arrangement with the site. Several players supported by Kenney were also collaborating, according to Zamani on the podcast. 

“The only two hands they’d be all in against each other were Ace-King and Queens,” he said. “They were continuously putting one other down.”

When players were in the same event, Kenney, according to Zamani, always used a collective approach. According to Zamani, players were often urged to collaborate at the tables in order to collect more money for the stable. 

He discusses huge collusion in satellites with big buy-ins and other incidents. Several members of the group would compete in the same events and collaborate throughout the competition, according to Zamani.

On the podcast, Zamani recalled, “The idea is to always do what’s best for the team.”

People routinely swapped their cards, and Kenney is said to stake “a lot” of players, according to Zamani.

Zamani claims Kenney erased their Telegram communications after notifying the supporter he was going public with the scams. Zamani, on the other hand, claims to have screen-captured most of the conversation to back up his claims.



Multi-accounting and other features

Kenney also multi-accounted many times, according to Zamani, which is a breach of the rules of service at online poker sites. The strategy enables participants to play as many characters, giving them more opportunities to win.

Multi-accounting may result in a player being kicked from a website. Kenney allegedly played as many accounts in the same event several times, according to Zamani.

On Twitter, Zamani said, “There was a certain moment myself and his horse were on the same table in a $10,000 PLO six-max on party(poker), and he played both accounts.” “Any kind of argument with Bryn would result in gaslighting.”

Polk questioned Zamani on the show whether the majority of cheating methods were on the table “to earn Brynn the most money?” That, he said, was the group’s purpose.

In Mexico, Ghost is performing.

Other gamers were sometimes permitted to play on Zamani’s account. He claims that GGPoker has prevented one of the stable’s major players and trainers, Sergei, from utilizing real-time help (RTA).

This kind of poker software instructs players on how to respond in every given circumstance. RTA is outlawed by poker sites. Imsirovic was also suspected of using RTA.

According to Zamani, RTA usage was not popular among the stable, although it was utilized on occasion. Lauren Roberts, a poker player, was also a member of the gang, according to Zamani. Kenney also coached her during tournaments and played on her online poker accounts, according to him.

“Unbeknownst to any of us, when it was meant to be her, it was Bryn,” he said Polk.

One of the best things I’ve ever received has been your friendship. ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰. Thank you for believing in me, @BrynKenney!

February 19, 2019 — Lauren Roberts (@PlayPokerLkAMan)

The squad also uses a “ghosting” tactic, according to Zamani. A player would play for larger stakes or compete in a competition for a long time. Another participant in the system would then ghost that person, thereby teaching them how to play. During these situations, he characterized Sergei as employing RTA.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the players in the stable lived and played in the same place in Mexico. This made it simple for other players to follow them around while they were playing.

Zamani went on to say that he wasn’t proud of his role in the plan, but that he wanted to at least be open about it.

The allegations get even more weird.

Zamani’s charges go on to outline other of the Kenney stable’s more intriguing elements as well. In some ways, Zamani’s descriptions of the poker club make it seem like a cult.

Kenney allegedly tried to send players to a “shaman” to assist them “get their energy straight” and improve their approach to poker, according to him.

Visiting a lady in Las Vegas and being escorted to her “ritual chamber” was part of the shaman episode. The lady described herself as a “murderer” and a “warlord,” among other things.

The shaman recommended “the Kambo” cleanse for Zamani. “A therapeutic practice utilized mostly in South America,” according to It’s called for the gigantic monkey frog’s deadly secretions.

“As a defensive strategy, the frog secretes the chemical to kill or subdue creatures that attempt to eat it.” Some people, on the other hand, apply the chemical to their bodies in the hopes of reaping health advantages.”

The shaman intended to inject a little quantity of the chemical into a small wound on his body, according to Zamani. He opted against it, but reported others in the group did and were extremely ill as a result. Diarrhea, vomiting, and bloated faces were among the symptoms.

Mushrooms, drugs, and becoming a cult leader are all on the menu.

Zamani also claims that drugs were a key part of being in the gang. Players were pushed to consume drugs with Kenney or risk disciplinary action from the backer.

Kenney allegedly monitored players’ food habits and Zamani allegedly saw a spiritualist.

‘Oh, you don’t want to go mushroom hunting with Bryn?’ “Stakes have dropped,” Zamani said on Twitter. “‘You don’t want to see my retard psychic, do you?’ Stakes were placed in the ground. ‘Oh, I heard you don’t eat healthily and prefer grass-fed organic beef to veggies from a shitt(y) Mexico supermarket? ‘I heard you don’t do yoga?’ Dropped.”

According to Zamani, he was also instructed to do mushrooms with the shaman. To avoid being staked, he promised to do so. All players in the Mexico property were also compelled to practise yoga every morning, according to Zamani.

On the Polk podcast, he claimed, “I informed my friends and family that this man wants to be a cult leader and wants to be like warlord Bryn.” “However, I’m broke and in desperate need of job.” He’s open to putting me in 5K, 10K, and 25K races. There’s some coaching going on, but it’ll probably be alright.”

Kenney was allegedly seeking to purchase land near Mount Shasta in California in order to establish a “cult complex,” according to Zamani.

“He genuinely really wants to be a cult leader,” Zamani told Polk.

Oh, and when I informed Bryn I was probably going to expose this nonsense, he erased our whole telegraph conversation right away. He did exactly what I anticipated. Unfortunately for him, I have a screen recording of our conversation from over a year ago. So I’d want to see him deny anything simply to illustrate my point.

April 21, 2022 — Martin Zamani (@martin zamani)

The poker and high roller communities have taken a hit.

For poker integrity, it hasn’t been a good week. The charges leveled against Imsirovic and Zamani over the previous week provide some insight into the game’s inner workings.

Although further information about Kenney’s attempts have revealed, their accusers portrayed them as driving substantial cheating activities. Kenney and Imsirovic have yet to reply to the charges. USPoker’s attempts to reach Roberts were likewise futile.

Imsirovic competed in the $25,000 PokerGO Heads-Up Showdown on Thursday, but was eliminated in the first round. The claims may put a pall over some of the game’s high rollers, who play at some of the game’s highest stakes on a daily basis.

Players on the internet may suddenly be wary of the game’s larger stakes. Polk sought to contact Kenney and offered him a spot on his podcast to tell his side of the incident. So yet, no comment has been received from the accused scheme’s ringleader.

@BrynKenney has an open offer. Let’s record a podcast and tell your side of the tale. It’s an opportunity to clear the air.

If you want to see this, retweet it.

April 21, 2022 — Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids)

USPoker contacted GGPoker about the Imsirovic allegations earlier this week. The site did not confirm his likely suspension, but did make a security statement.

“Due to the typical privacy issues, GGPoker cannot comment on any specific player,” a business official stated.

“All concerns connected to game integrity are taken very seriously at GGPoker, and our security staff works tirelessly to ensure the integrity of all of our games.” GGPoker employs a number of security measures on a regular basis, including the permanent banning of player accounts and the seizure and redistribution of cash.”

Bryn Kenney is an American poker player, who has been accused of cheating and having a “cult” following. The accusations leveled against him have led to his wife filing for divorce. Reference: bryn kenney wife.

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