With such an easy and unknown way to win at a game, it can be hard for casinos to find ways to prevent cheating. In this article we’ll discuss the different ways that players have tried in order to cheat at roulette — those that have actually worked, as well as those that haven’t.

Roulette is a game of chance. It’s possible to win with the right strategy, but it’s also possible to cheat. This article will explore all the ways that cheating at Roulette can be done.

Cheating at Roulette: All the Ways It's Done

Since the beginning of time, cheating has been a part of the history of most casino games. However, for a long time, roulette games were thought to be difficult to beat.

Albert Einstein, who notably studied roulette in an attempt to defeat the casinos, said that cheating in roulette was almost impossible. He said that the only way to win was to grab chips when the dealer was distracted.

Although numerous other ways of cheating have since been invented and are employed routinely in casinos all over the globe, roulette cheats still utilize that strategy. 

Many of the strategies individuals utilize these days aren’t legally legal and are often frowned upon inside the casino industry.

Even yet, some individuals find it impossible to pass up the chance to win large and improve their chances.

If this describes you, or if you just want to learn more about how roulette cheating works, this article will provide you with all the information you want.

We will not only cover the most common strategies employed by cheaters, but we will also show you instances of individuals who have been caught in the act. 


How Do People Cheat When It Comes To Roulette?

roulette cheaters

As previously stated, the hazards associated with roulette cheating deter most individuals, but not everyone. 

Those who continue to attempt to outwit casinos will find that the strategies they utilize have evolved and gotten more complex over time. 

Rather than concentrating on the chips themselves, some players have begun to alter features of the game in order to improve their odds of winning and lower the house advantage. 

 Although some skilled roulette cheats may employ tactics they’ve devised or modified, the following are the most typical ways used by individuals who want to give it a go. 


Modification of the Wheel 

Modification of the Wheel, sometimes known as wheel gaffing, involves modifying the roulette wheel in a way that makes spins more predictable. 

Loosening portions of the wheel is one technique to achieve this, which allows the ball to bounce less in particular regions. As a consequence, wheel bias occurs, where some numbers spin faster than others.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that this is just a transitory occurrence, since the automatic algorithms in a casino will soon discover the bias. 

That being said, if you know where the wheel bounces the least, you can take advantage of it while the casino is still learning about the shift.


Balls that are magnetic

Balls that are magnetic

Because casinos have made CCTV a high priority in recent decades, employing the magnetic ball technique is uncommon and exceedingly difficult to pull off, but some roulette cheats may still attempt it. 

Simply explained, this strategy entails substituting the original ball with a magnetic substitute so that the cheaters may manipulate the ball’s behavior using magnetic pulses. 

Interestingly enough, those that have attempted this method rarely use fully Balls that are magnetic as it would then stick to any metallic object.

People prefer to use a ball with a coil and specific diodes on it instead. 

The cheater uses this strategy to predict where the ball will land as it falls onto the rotor.

If the ball does not fall where the cheaters expect it to, the pieces within the ball are triggered, causing the ball to travel to the right location, allowing the cheaters to win their wager. 

This whole procedure occurs swiftly, causing little disruption to the casino’s electrical systems, making it more difficult to apprehend those responsible. 


Posts from the past 

Posts from the past is a method of cheating that involves people changing their bets after the outcome has occurred. 

Let’s say you bet $20 on a single number with four $5 chips and realize you’re going to win. Isn’t it true that you’d want to adjust your wager in order to get a bigger reward?

Those who do Posts from the past will do just that, using sleight-of-hand to replace one of the $5 chips placed with a $20 chip, drastically increasing the total win amount. 

This is particularly dangerous, since croupiers are on the lookout for this kind of activity. 

Even if croupiers do miss your behavior, CCTV operates in most casinos to prevent Posts from the past from happening, so it’s unlikely you would regularly get away with this one. 


Targeting by Industry

roulette cheaters

Targeting by Industry is a way of cheating in roulette that is difficult to get 100% right; there is still an element of luck involved for those daring enough to try it.

This is due to the fact that it is based on a theory that, although conceivable, is too tough for our brains to process, particularly while we are under the stress of being in a casino.

Essentially, the idea assumes that after a few spins, a player will be able to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

If this is accomplished, the theory suggests that one should be able to forecast when the ball will slow down and hence the section of the wheel where the ball would most likely fall. 

Unlike other methods used by roulette cheaters, Targeting by Industry isn’t legal in itself, and it’s very difficult to prove if someone’s using this tactic to increase their chances of winning.


Laser & Microcomputer 

While this is a less prevalent approach, some seasoned con artists think they can use a gadget with a laser to estimate the ball and wheel’s speeds.

They input this information back to their devices—such as a phone or a computer—and get information on where the ball could fall. 

Despite the fact that some people are wary of this strategy, it has been shown to work for certain huge roulette cheats. 



roulette cheaters 

Another technique to possibly cheat in roulette is to become friends with the dealer and persuade him or her to give you greater leeway with your bets over time.

This collaboration might involve the dealer enabling specific players to put bets later than normal in order to give them a heads-up on the result. 

It might even go as far as paying out for bets that didn’t even win in order to benefit a buddy. 

This is another form of cheating that would only work for a short time since the casino has put in place substantial security measures to prevent this.

If a dealer is detected conspiring with a player, both parties are likely to face severe consequences. 

At the very least, the dealer would lose his job, and both parties would face a lifelong ban from the casino. In the worst-case scenario, both persons might face charges. 


Software for computers

roulette cheaters

You may think that in the digital era, online casinos worked hard to prevent customers from cheating on their platforms.

People are informed, just as they are in land-based casinos, and will utilize this knowledge to devise methods to scam the system.

You can cheat as long as the online casino where you’re playing doesn’t utilize a random number generator, which you should avoid anyhow.

This is done using Software for computers that can identify biased wheels or predict winning numbers ahead of time.

Due to the fact that the world of online casinos is so badly regulated, using Software for computers to gain an edge over the house isn’t actually illegal, but it may result in a permanent ban from the site if you’re caught.


Cheaters in Roulette Who Have Been Caught

roulette cheatersIt’s tough to argue that cheating in roulette games isn’t appealing. However, it’s vital to realize that cheating entails a large amount of danger, which most people would rather avoid.

Only aboard casino cruise ships in international waters is cheating at roulette not legally prohibited, and that is only because there are no rules at all on the high seas.

If you are detected cheating at roulette or other casino games in any other country, you will face severe penalties and prosecution.

Cheating is a state crime in Las Vegas, for example, which is one of the world’s gambling capitals.

You may believe that the odds of getting caught are minimal, particularly if you are a seasoned practitioner, but this is not the case. 

Even organizations, such as the Serbian National Team described below, were captured while attempting to collect their prizes. 

While it is your option whether or not to cheat at roulette, we hope that these anecdotes will make you aware of the possible penalties if things don’t go as planned. 


Serbian National Team 

Two technologically adept Serbian men and a technologically capable Hungarian lady utilized mobile phone laser scanners linked to computers to forecast where the roulette ball would fall in 2014. 

This approach required deciphering the ball’s speed using a cell phone equipped with laser technology. 

The information was then given back to the computer, which supplied the three with the facts they needed to make the best bet.

Although this approach isn’t infallible, it’s a popular one among casino cheats, and it may have disastrous implications for the casinos.

The Ritz Casino in London, where this took place at the time, lost a total sum of £1.3 million (USD$1.568 million approx.) to the fraudsters, who were later penned the Serbian National Team. 

The first £300,000 (about USD$361,864) of this money was handed to them in cash, and the balance was delivered to them in the form of a check. 

Surprisingly, despite their flagrant violation of casino laws and legislation all around the globe, they walked out of court with no charges filed against them.

However, the three players have been banned from The Ritz Casino, where the incident took place, for the rest of their lives. 


Marcus, Richard 

Marcus, Richard is somewhat of a legend among roulette cheaters, having started his career as a croupier in Las Vegas in 1976. 

It wasn’t long before he discovered that roulette gambling was his strongest suit. He worked in that position for 20 years until retiring. 

For the most part, he relied on past-posting, which included collaborating with a group of other roulette cheats to put bets after the result had already been determined. 

He was making $100,000 on some of his most profitable weekends of his career. 

Eventually, casinos caught onto the network of cheaters that surrounded Marcus, Richard and invested in CCTV to protect themselves from being further fleeced. 

However, this did not deter him; instead, he grew inventive, creating the ‘Savannah’ method of cheating. 

This simply required disguising a huge bet behind two $5 chips to deceive the dealer into believing a $15 wager had been placed, and was named after his favorite Vegas dancer. 

In truth, the lower chip was worth $5000, and he would disclose the bigger chip if he won. 

If he lost, he just had to retrieve the three chips back and replace them with three genuine $5 chips. 

This went over security since it revealed that the chips had been there the whole time, proving that his victories were authentic. 

It was this hidden chip tactic that gave Marcus, Richard the last five years of his career before he retired after having acquired a healthy $12 million in winnings without ever having been arrested. 

Richard’s background came out when he wanted to change careers, despite the fact that he wasn’t arrested while actively collecting money from casinos. 

He hasn’t faced prosecution, but his knowledge is seen as invaluable to casinos who now hire him to train security personnel in order to avoid another Marcus, Richard situation in the future.



Despite Albert Einstein’s early forecasts regarding roulette’s resistance to hacking, it is apparent that this is no longer the case.

Since his prediction, methods like wheel modifying and Posts from the past have become extremely popular by roulette cheaters who wish to make a quick buck from gambling.

Those who believed that security against cheats would improve once online casinos included roulette were also mistaken. Computer programmers swiftly devised algorithms capable of generating predictions that humans are unable to make.

Despite this rosy picture of the cheating world, it’s vital to keep in mind that cheating may have serious implications for both the cheater and the casino.

This might involve jail terms, exorbitant fines, or having your bank account stopped, putting you in financial jeopardy while the inquiry is ongoing. 

However, in other situations, going the legal path may not be an option, and you may lose your ability to ever play in a land-based or online casino.

In the end, the decision to accept this risk is entirely yours, but we strongly advise you to carefully balance the benefits and drawbacks before proceeding.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. It is a game where players bet on whether or not a ball will land in a numbered spot, and if it does, they win money. There are many ways to cheat at roulette that can be done by both beginners and professionals. Reference: how to be a pro at roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to cheat in roulette?

A: There is no way to cheat on a roulette game. This applies for any type of roulette, not just the one that has boxes around it.

How do roulette players cheat?

A: Roulette players can cheat a bit by knowing the probability of winning, which is 1/38. They might also use small changes in their bets to give them an advantage over other people as well.

Can roulette be rigged?

A: Yes, it is possible to rig the roulette.

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