On October 5, 2018, the Lotto Max Canada 50/50 draw was held. A single ticket sold in Quebec won $50-million CAD! The lucky winner is waiting to claim their prize after following all of the rules and procedures required for claiming a lottery prize in Canada under provincial legislation.

We take a look at five Quebec tickets that had the chance to split a CA$50-million Lotto Max prize. The jackpot was won on March 19, 2017 and its final total came out to be over 25% of the Canadian population’s annual income.The “lotto max jackpot tonight” is a Canadian lottery that has a top prize of CA$50-million. The five Quebec tickets that were split the prize, can be found on the website for Loto-Quebec.

After Loto-Québec announced that the Lotto Max prize will be shared among five ticket holders, the identities of Quebec’s newest lottery millionaires were revealed. Six Capitale-Nationale citizens have earned the astonishing prize of CA$50,000,000 from the November 12 draw, which will be split into five pieces.


Because they bought a Formule groupe ticket from a shop, the winners who did not play the lottery together or even knew each other were able to win a large sum of money. The five winning tickets were purchased at Galeries de la Capitale’s lottery kiosk. Four CA$10 million awards will now be awarded to four ticket holders, with the final reward being divided by two persons who played together.

Now it’s official:


After claiming their CA$10,000,000 awards at the Crown corporation’s relocated prize office in Quebec City, the six winners met for the first time. The business could not have hoped for a finer launch of its new headquarters than the six new millionaires, according to Isabelle Jean, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Lotteries at the Crown.

Réjean Bernier was the first winner, and he was at home when he found out he had won such a large sum of money. He said that he double-checked the ticket numerous times to ensure that the numbers were correct, and that he was running back and forth from excitement at home. The victor intends to split the reward money with his loved ones and purchase a new home.

One of the winning tickets belongs to Danielle Côté and Denis Tremblay, who have been playing the lottery together for a long time. The retirees want to use the award money to renovate their property and share it with their family. Jean Westley Levesque’s ticket also netted him a sizable reward, and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked it at a self-service checker.

Gilles Pelletier, a frequent lottery player, was also the winner of CA$10,000,000. He contacted his children after learning of his wonderful gift and asked them about their craziest Christmas desires. He intends to use part of the money toward purchasing a vehicle and a vacation trailer. Jean-Claude Turcotte, the fifth winner, also plans to share the great prize with his loved ones.

There are even more Lotto Max Millionaires.

The Lotto Max game has recently produced numerous multimillionaires as a result of its drawings. Matthew Poppels of Saskatoon was one among the fortunate ones, winning the CA$55,000,000 prize from the October 19 draw. This was Saskatchewan’s second-largest lottery victory, and the winner did not waste any time in claiming his reward just eight days after the draw.

Another Major Victory

Jerry Knott, of Wasagamack, is now CA$20 million wealthier after playing in Lotto Max in Manitoba. Mr. Knott said that he found his winnings when in Winnipeg for his daughter’s wedding after arriving at a Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries office to collect his award. As a result, the winner had two important reasons to rejoice.

“$50,000,000 – New multimillionaires celebrate the grand opening of Quebec City’s newly relocated prize claim office,” Yahoo, November 18, 2021.

The “how many lotto max tickets are sold each week in canada” is a question that I was asked. Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery game and it has been around for over 20 years. The 5 Quebec Tickets Split CA$50-million prize is the largest prize ever won by an individual ticket in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Lotto Max paid out?

A: Lotto Max is a draw game. Players pick numbers from a pool of 52 and the prize amount available is then drawn randomly from that list.

Which lottery has the best odds in Quebec?

A: The best odds in Quebec are found at the Société des loteries du Québec, where you can find a selection of lottery specific to your region.

How does maxmillions work for Lotto Max?

A: Maxmillions is a lottery scratch-off game that can be purchased at most convenience stores. Players will purchase the game, and then collect cards of different dollar amounts with possible prizes. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning!

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