The jackpot for the Lotto Max draw on Friday, April 20th was $50 million. There were no winners of the draw, and the prize remains intact.

The lotto max jackpot today is a popular lottery game in Canada. It has been around for a long time and the jackpot has not decreased since it began.

The top prize for last Friday’s Lotto Max draw will not be increased for the next draw, since no one from the nation was able to match the winning numbers and claim the reward. The jackpot grew to an astounding CA$20,000,000 during the Friday draw, and since no ticket holder was able to win it, it will now grow even bigger for the next draw on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.


Lotto Max has grown in popularity over the years to become one of Canada’s most popular draw-based games, and many individuals are handsomely rewarded for their participation each year. Players may buy tickets for the two weekly drawings in both physical and electronic formats. Participants have the chance to win either the main prize, valued up to CA$70 million, or the Maxmillion award, worth up to CA$1 million.

There are no winners.


Because the Lotto Max draw on Friday, October 1, 2021 was unable to identify a winner for the main prize, the jackpot will now increase to a larger sum for the following round. The jackpot was CA$20,000,000 before the draw on Tuesday, October 5, and it will now be over CA$25,000,000. Players are already looking forward to seeing whether their luck will pay off this week.

The winning numbers in Friday’s Lotto Max draw, according to the country’s lotteries, were 04, 08, 15, 39, 40, 42, and 48. The number 05 was drawn as well, but only as a bonus. Once a player has matched all of the jackpot winning numbers, they have up to 52 weeks to contact their lottery organization and collect their prize.

6/49 Lotto Results

The second most popular lottery game in Canada is Lotto 6/49, which features two weekly drawings. One will take place on Wednesday, while the other will take place on Saturday. Unfortunately for all of its participants, no winning ticket for the jackpot of over CA$9,000,000 was drawn on Saturday. 08, 17, 18, 19, 48, and 49 are the winning numbers. The bonus number for this round was 26.

Despite the fact that no one won the main prize in Lotto 6/49, a ticket holder from the Prairie provinces won the CA$1 Million Guaranteed prize. The prize for the next draw will be a whopping CA$11,000,000, and the round will take place on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Players still have time to buy their tickets, either in person or online.

Snatched: CA$70 Million

The Lotto Max jackpot eventually reached its maximum value of CA$70,000,000 at the end of September, and the main reward was ultimately won. The winning ticket holder is from British Columbia, particularly Burnaby, according to the BCLC. This is a historic victory for the province, since it is the biggest lottery jackpot ever won. When the winner contacts the agency, their name will be disclosed.

Winner: East Gwillimbury

Jansen Ng, 41, of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, was also a big Lotto Max winner and is now a member of the Canadian lottery millionaires club. In the July 6 2021 round, the former military member earned a whopping CA$65 million from the game. He intends to use the funds to assist other veterans and to discover new methods to support charities, as well as to purchase a new electric vehicle for himself.

Source: Coast Reporter, October 1, 2021, “No winning ticket for Friday’s $20 million Lotto Max jackpot.”

The Friday’s Lotto Max Jackpot Remains Intact is a blog post on the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday. The article discusses how the jackpot has not been won and that it will continue to grow until it is won. Reference: $70 million lotto max numbers.

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