The GLMS joins Ontario as the first integrity body and will provide oversight, providing peace of mind to operators in relation to regulatory compliance.

The “igaming ontario legislation” is a new law that has been brought in by the Ontario government. This law will make it possible for the first time, to regulate online gambling within Canada.

GLMS Joins Ontario as the First Integrity Body

Ontario has added another gambling company to its freshly regulated online sports betting and casino industry this week. After the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario approved its application, the Global Lottery Monitoring System has finally arrived in the province. The organization will assist the OLG in its sports betting integrity efforts as a result of the entrance.


GLMS is a non-profit organization that promotes and combat sports betting integrity as well as sports competition manipulation. On April 3, 2022, the firm gained regulatory permission from the provincial authority, only one day before the market’s formal debut. As a result, you are assisting in the protection of sports betting integrity in the area.

Working to Make the Markets Safer


GLMS will continue to assist its member, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, and its sports wagering integrity operations in the new market with its Ontario license. The organization does not provide sports betting or lottery operations; instead, it offers its members, such as the Crown company, a variety of services, including as monitoring and education.

The organization works to raise awareness about and combat sports game manipulation via its services. As a result, supporting actions of inter-jurisdictional and inter-stakeholder collaboration to aid in the resolution of the global problem. So far, the GLMS and AGCO have had a smooth working relationship, and the organization has offered input to the regulator in order to improve Registrar’s gaming requirements.

Lori Sullivan, the OLG’s Chief Land-Based Gaming and Business Development Officer, who is also a member of the GLMS Executive Committee, said that the Crown is happy to cooperate with the organization. According to her, the OLG is eager to work with the GLMS and its partners to guarantee that the online and retail sports markets are safe and secure.

Ludovico Calvi, president of the GLMS, expressed his pride in the association being one of the first registered integrity companies to be granted an AGCO license in Ontario. According to him, the organization has been a strong supporter for a regulated, responsible, and long-term wagering environment, as prohibitions have helped to limit the growth of illicit markets, criminal organizations, and game-fixing.

More Information about the Market

Paysafe has worked with a number of provincially approved companies in order to create a safe gaming environment. Several of the entities’ transactions will now be processed by the top specialized payments platform. The firm will make credit and debit card deposits in virtually real time using its cutting-edge payment gateway, as well as use alternate payment methods such as its eCash.

PlayCanada of the Play Network made a bold prediction about the future of the market and how it would perform just before Ontario’s new regime took effect. According to the website, the province will follow the lead of numerous other U.S. states that have legalized both online gambling and mobile sports betting. As a result, the online casino is expected to generate much more money than its equivalent.

“GLMS acquires its registration license as an integrity association from the Ontario Gaming Regulatory Authority,” April 12, 2022, GLMS.

The “olg license ontario” is the first integrity body in Ontario to offer a gaming license. The OLG license will allow for more gaming opportunities in Ontario.

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