Sudbury is looking for someone to develop and operate a new casino in the city. The KED project will be an integrated resort with hotel, convention centre, retail space, restaurants and entertainment. Will it come to fruition?

Greater Sudbury Seeks KED Project Operator. Greater Sudbury is a city in Ontario, Canada and it is seeking a project operator for its new casino. Read more in detail here: ked sudbury news.

The City of Greater Sudbury continues to make progress toward the construction of the much-discussed Kingsway Entertainment District event center on the city’s outskirts. Despite the legal challenges, the city recently declared that it is searching for a KED project operator and has published a call for pre-qualification for potential bidders.


The KED project will be an entertainment complex that will include a hockey rink, a casino, and a hotel. The Sudbury Wolves OHL club and the Sudbury Five basketball team will both play at the site, which is projected to include a 5,8000-seat events venue. The new arena is scheduled to open in 2024 and is projected to cost about $100 million Canadian dollars.

The process of pre-qualification begins.


The city issued a call for pre-qualification this week in order to accept responses from businesses interested in joining the project and operating the proposed KED events center. The ideal contender, according to the municipality’s statement, would be an experienced firm that could contribute to the project’s design.

In addition, the chosen firm will be entrusted with increasing revenue while lowering operational expenses. Improve venue programming, as well as work toward the city’s stated aim in the community energy and emissions strategy. In addition, the business will be in charge of the property’s operations, marketing, and programming.

The Request for Pre-Qualification will be the first stage in a two-phase process to select the best candidate. The city will next need chosen firms to present their own conditions in a proposal for the second stage. The city will next choose a business to operate the facility. Although the procedure should be finished by early 2022, this is not a firm timetable.

The city is also completing and launching a design-build request for bids while looking for a project manager. According to the town, the new arena will be an expanded communal facility that will provide locals with a one-of-a-kind experience while also attracting visitors from all over the globe. Once the final design is chosen, construction will commence, with the grand opening scheduled for the end of 2024.

7-6 Vote

Greater Sudbury’s municipal council approved a proposal in September to begin foundation preparation at the KED site. The plan was approved by the council by a vote of 7 to 6, and development on the outlying site may now commence. Bot Engineering & Construction Ltd. will oversee the procedure, which is expected to begin by the end of November.

The allegations have been refuted.

Sudbury Questions recently published an article alleging that the city has been concealing CA$14 million in expenditures for the Kingsway Entertainment District project. Greater Sudbury Utilities spokeswoman Wendy Watson vehemently refuted the charges, describing them as “corruption allegations.” Ward 1 Coun. Mark Signoretti, a well-known opponent of the proposal, has also backed Ms. Watson’s contention that the claims are without merit.

Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown Sudbury Star, November 2, 2021, “City seeking for someone to run Sudbury’s new events facility.”

The “sudbury star archives online” is a website that has been made for the Greater Sudbury Seeks KED Project Operator. The site features a list of previous articles, as well as a list of upcoming events.

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