When KED, the new casino from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s company was initially scheduled to open this summer, it quickly became a media spectacle. Now that the opening has been delayed until 2025, questions about what happened remain unanswered.

The Malta Gaming Authority has delayed the opening of KED’s casino from April to 2025. The delay is due to a lack of compliance with legislation, including concerns over how entertainment tax would be paid.

The “miss universe 2015 mistake” is a news story that has been circulating around the internet. The miss universe was supposed to take place in January of 2017, but it was delayed to 2025.

KED’s Grand Opening Delayed to 2025

This week’s city council meeting has confirmed that Greater Sudbury’s Kingsway Entertainment District project’s grand opening will be pushed to a later date. The event centre, which was on track to have its grand reopening in 2024, will now be completed in 2025. This is due to Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s request to halt the project during the ongoing legal challenges.


The planned KED site is set to cost around CA$100 million out of taxpayers’ money, and it will come with a hockey arena, CA$60 million casino by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, a hotel, and even more. However, recently the gaming leader expressed their concerns about the ongoing legal challenge by the Minnow Lake Restoration Group and bribery investigations.

One of the reasons is that1642081219_523_KEDs-Grand-Opening-Delayed-to-2025

Officials discussed the future of KED for around two hours at this week’s city council meeting, but to no end, as no remedies were discovered. Ward 2 Councilman Michael Vagnini, along with a number of other council members, urged that the project be placed on hold. Their justifications included the rising uncertainty of the unique scenario, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group’s legal action, and an OPP bribery probe.

The gaming company cited the same grounds when it announced in November that it would halt its participation in the project until the legal obstacles were resolved. During the conference, a new report was formally produced, which includes a revised projected timetable for the KED, which includes various items, including a rescheduling of the grand opening from 2024 to 2025.

The study also calls for a design-build request for bids to be issued later this month, as well as a venue operator request to be issued later this month. Later this month, the project should begin discussing specifics of a project completion agreement with partners. It further said that site preparation should begin in the third quarter of 2022, with building beginning in the fourth quarter.

During the Tuesday meeting, Ian Wood, the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, commented that the city is in regular talks with Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. He insisted that the corporation remains fully invested in the project, and that they are negotiating how to resolve some issues with it. Mayor Brian Bigger also asserted that all four partners want to move forward with the project.

There are three possible outcomes.

Trevor Farrow, a professor and former assistant dean at Osgoode Hall Law School, has already expressed his views on the KED project as well as the Minnow Lake Restoration Group’s legal action. The first result is that the decision is sent back to the decision-making body by the court. It has the power to dismiss the case and uphold the municipal council’s decision to continue with the KED. Orit might override its own choice and make a new one, although this is less probable.

A Hotel Partner Has Been Found

In December, the KED also announced that it had identified a hotel operator for the CA$100 million project. The developer announced that it has reached an agreement with hotel operator Genesis Hospitality to build a flagship hotel at the much-discussed event center on the outskirts of Greater Sudbury.

Tyler Clarke, Tyler Clarke, Tyler Clarke, Tyler Clarke, Tyler Clarke Sudbury.com, January 12, 2022, “The KED’s expected grand opening has been put back to 2025.”

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