Now that the lottery results are in, and the jackpot prize for the Lotto Max draw was $117 million, we figured we’d take a look at that winner’s story. For starters, the winning ticket holder “went by the name of” Jack, and was the owner of an Ontario-based communications firm.

The good news is that the jackpot was hit! The bad news is they’re probably already cashing in. Canada’s Lotto Max draw was a record-breaking CA$117,200,000 on Friday night. The lucky numbers in the June 19 draw were: 14-18-26-28-34-36.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has announced that this week’s Lotto Max draw will be a record draw. A total of C$117,000,000 will be awarded in the next draw of the popular game. The grand prize has a maximum value of $70,000,000 CAD and is complemented by 47 Maxmillion prizes of $1,000,000 CAD each. word-image-4569 Lotto Max is a popular Canadian lottery game that is drawn twice a week. To win a huge top prize or a Maxmillion, their tickets must match the seven winning numbers in each draw. Tickets for this popular game start at $5 Canadian, and winners are drawn every Tuesday and Friday.

Hundreds of millions for sale

word-image-4570 Crown Corporation representative Tony Bitonti had a few words to say about this week’s prize pool. He says this draw is a precedent because the Canadian lottery has never received so many prizes. Bitonti said if ticket sales reach a peak, Maxmillion prizes could be added in future draws. This week could be a big one for many lottery players as the Lotto Max jackpot currently stands at C$70 million and is patiently waiting for the winner. The top prize has peaked because no one has claimed it in a long time. In addition, 47 Maxmillion prizes worth $1 million Canadian each will be awarded in Tuesday’s drawing. Although there were no big winners, four people from Ontario won the Maxmillion prize and each walked away with $1,000,000 Canadian. The winning lottery tickets were sold at four different locations, the first being Salt Ste. Marie. Other lucky people came from North York, Windsor and Mississauga.

The last winner of the CA$70 Million Lotto Max

The previous winner of the maximum Lotto Max jackpot was a couple from Noleville in February this year. Mark and Dorothy-Anne Mailer’s luck certainly paid off – the lucky couple won an impressive $70,000,000 CAD jackpot. His ticket was the winning ticket of the Lotto Max draw on the 26th. February.

Cardholder Kirkland Lake

Kirkland Lake resident Grover Adams won another jackpot in the same game in April. The 60-year-old man saw his ticket become the winning ticket and was selected in the draw on the 20th. April hit all seven numbers. He has a whopping $15 million Canadian in his account. Today he is preparing for his early retirement and dreams of the many fishing trips he still wants to make.

Other type of victory

There was a big win in the country recently, but not at bingo, reports the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. A Prince Albert woman has won the Vault Breaker jackpot at the Ramada Hotel. Louise Halkett has become Canada’s next video lottery millionaire with a big win of $1,400,000 Canadian. With the money won, the winner plans to buy a new house and a brand new truck. Source: Davidson, Sean $117 million in record lottery Max CTV News, 6. June 2021.

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