Michael Gagliano is the world renowned expert on poker strategy and its application to various forms of online poker. I’ve learned a lot from Professor Gagliano’s past articles and videos, and I was excited to learn that he was preparing to release a poker strategy book. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the book in advance, and I will definitely be using some of the strategies I’ve learned from it.

In this video Michael Gagliano teaches you how to think like a pro when it comes to online poker. In this video he breaks down a hand and shows you why a player should call a raise or fold. In this video Michael shows you how to think like a pro and apply your poker skills to the online poker world.

Michael Gagliano, our resident Poker Mentor has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to meet all of our members face to face. And after months of planning, he has finally made it to the Las Vegas Strip. So, he is bringing all of the LearnWPT information to you LIVE on the Web, but he needs your help. He needs poker players of all levels to help him dig into the subject of poker strategy and deliver the best advice to the members of LearnWPT. If you want to learn the secrets of poker strategy with Michael Gagliano, tune in and send him your questions at any time.

New Jersey-based Michael Gags30 Gagliano is the newest member of the LearnWPT strategy team. Throughout his 15-year career, Gagliano has played consistently in cash games and tournaments, winning several prestigious tournament titles. In 2016, he won a World Series of Poker bracelet for $448,463. Gagliano is a fixture on the east coast poker scene, and an ambassador for Borgata Poker and the partypoker US Network. He has more than $6 million in live and online tournament winnings to his name and has been a professional coach for nearly a decade. He recently spoke with USPoker about online gambling, bluffing and more. Get a $25 discount on your partypoker subscription now word-image-4427 25 free with registration Limited time and exclusive 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000. Partner Borgata NJ Use the bonus code : PLAYNJCASH

Adaptation to online gambling

The growing number of online poker players in the regulated US markets is a boon for cash game players looking for action. Michael Gagliano is fighting for victory at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic. (Photos courtesy of the WPT) word-image-4428 Gagliano recommends being more picky when playing hands for long-term success. The biggest mistake I see players making is playing too many hands, he said. It can be very tempting to play a lot of mixed hands or hands with an ace, but in most situations it is best to stick to the best starting hands. Playing preflop with a stronger setup will also make it easier to play the rest of your hand, as it’s easier to make better decisions when you start with better average hands. Gagliano also has a tip for tournament players looking to get into cash games. The transition can be difficult, so it may be wise to play with lower stakes than your usual tournaments. Give yourself a chance to get used to the style of gambling before going to your usual buy-in level, he says. Another important factor is to choose a cash game format that is close to the tournaments you are used to playing. For example, if you play in eight- or nine-handed tournaments, you should not participate in heads-up or three-handed cash games with fast, aggressive play. Instead, look for cash games with nine hands or at least full tables with six hands to make it easier, Gagliano advises.

Analysing playing styles

Also be aware of the differences in playing style between tournaments and cash games. Most tournaments have an ante, most cash games do not. That difference makes a big difference in preflop play, Gagliano said. In cash games, the stacks will almost always be deeper. Hands that work well in tournaments don’t always work well in the deep 100 big blinds. It is also helpful to analyze the play of others at the table, keeping in mind some key ideas. Try to pay attention to what the best regulars are doing, he says. Here are some concepts to consider when analyzing opponents:

  • What sizes are commonly used?
  • How often do they play cans under the cannon or off the bat?
  • Why do they play tighter in some places and looser in others?

Transitioning into cash play is a rewarding process, Galliano says, and once you begin to understand how to play some of these unique situations better, you’ll quickly feel like you’re progressing as a poker player.

Looking for a story

Finding a lead on your opponent in a live game has always been an important part of the game of poker. Does a particular player do something that betrays the strength of his hand? It’s not that simple, but online players have some clues too. The biggest clues I look for in online gambling are clues about the size of the bet, Gagliano says. Try to determine what type of player you are based on how they feel about the size of the bet. Do they gamble a lot when their hands are strong, or do they gamble a lot when they try to slow you down? If you can find out how a person feels about their height, you can get extremely valuable information about what they can handle. It is sometimes possible to get a lot of information about a player’s mindset by seeing only one or two hands he has played.

Plus a successful bluff

Finding the right time to bluff can really pay off in a given situation. On the other hand, if you bluff too much, your opponents can take away your chip stack. The players have to walk on this rope. But Gagliano notes that sometimes mixing it up with a bluff can be very beneficial in the long run. This is a complicated topic that deserves a much deeper discussion, but let me simplify: In poker, you have to bluff sometimes, because if you never bluff, no one will call your bets and you won’t win any money, he says. Choose bluff spots based on your hand and compare them to all the common hands you might have in a given situation. This will help you analyze if it is time to make a move. If you find yourself in a situation where you normally have a very strong hand, but this time you have a very weak hand, Gagliano says, you’ve probably found a very good situation to bluff. Receive $25 to join BETMGM Poker now word-image-1606 25 free with registration Deposit bonus up to $1,000 Partner Borgata NJ Use the bonus code : PLAYNJFREE

New role in LearnWPT

As a long time poker coach, Mr. Gagliano not only teaches others, he has considerable experience. It will help players in both tournaments and cash games. I am very happy to be a part of LearnWPT, he says. I will create strategic content to help others improve their game. Since I specialize in high-stakes multi-table tournaments and cash games, players can expect a variety of content from me. I hope to help players better bridge the gap between a reliable theoretical game and a game with high exploitation value. Players on the US partypoker network have become accustomed to LearnWPT’s strategic offerings. The site recently partnered with the channel to help players improve their skills and broadcast final tables. Today, Gagliano is a new member of the team and hopes to help players write their own poker success stories. New LearnWPT members have access to the first month for only $5. Click here for more information. ★★★★ Are you ready to join the US partypoker network? Click here for a full list of exclusive bonus offers from USPoker as well as Borgata Poker and BetMGM. ★★★Michael Gagliano, the learnwpt.com video poker coach has a knack for providing a unique perspective on poker, not only in video poker, but in many of the most popular casino games. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good opportunity to chat about what he has seen since moving to Canada and embarking on a new business venture called Casino Bonus Bonuses.. Read more about learnwpt/gto and let us know what you think.

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