The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has announced that a winning ticket worth CA$21 million was sold in the Lotto 6/49 draw on May 21, 2018.

Someone from Ontario has struck large numbers in the Lotto 6/49 game, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. However, the winner has yet to contact the Crown agency to collect his or her reward of more than CA$21 million. Before the jackpot expires, the fortunate player gets 52 weeks to collect their reward.


Every week, there are two rounds of Lotto 6/49, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. The game rewards players with life-changing possibilities, with the top prize often exceeding a million dollars. Every draw also includes a guaranteed reward of CA$1 million. The game is one of the most popular among lottery players in Canada because of its high payouts.

No one has claimed the prize.


The Crown company announced that an Ontario citizen has won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot, making him considerably wealthier. The ticket cost CA$21,185,218.10 when bought online via However, since the winner has yet to contact the business to collect their prize, the Crown urges other players in the province to double-check their tickets.

Another winning ticket for over CA$127,259.29 was sold in Scarborough, according to the OLG. Players may verify their tickets for potential winnings at or by calling the agency’s winners line at 416-870-8946. The prize for the next draw, which took place on September 25, was CA$5 million, with the winning numbers being 03, 08, 10, 35, 46, and 48, as well as bonus 17.

The Lotto Max Prizes are Increasing.

The top prize in Canada’s second most popular lottery game, Lotto Max, is remained unclaimed after the most recent draw on Friday. The prize was CA$65 million, but no one had the good fortune to win it. In addition, the game’s September 24 draw included eight Maxmillion prizes, each valued CA$1 million. They did, however, stay undamaged.

Players should not be disheartened since the primary reward has been increased, and there will be even additional Maxmillion prizes to be won. The next draw will take place today, September 28, 2021, with a prize of CA$70,000,000. In addition, there will be 13 Maxmillion prizes available for players to compete for.

The Winners Have Been Announced

Last Thursday, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced yet another big lottery winner in the nation. Thanks to the game’s July 10 draw, Dennis Hines and his family from Alberta have won a whopping CA$18,000,000. Mr. Hines intends to split the reward with his family and give a portion to charity.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed the winners of Lotto 6/49 in September, with Donald and Janice MacDonald from Victoria coming out on top. The pair had the good fortune to have their tickets selected as the winner of a Guaranteed prize in the round on July 28. Their reward is worth more than CA$1,000,000, and they intend to celebrate by thinking of a way to spend it.

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