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Most recently the President and CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns, has shared more light on how single-sports betting in Canada will operate in an online Q&A. The association has been a big advocate for the introduction of the betting option and has put an enormous amount of effort into its materialization of becoming a law in the country.


With the passage of Bill C-218 in the Canadian Senate, sports betting on individual events will be allowed. The bill has also gained Royal Assent, allowing it to become law and amending the Criminal Code to allow single-game betting in the nation. Its implementation has been a long-awaited reform in Canada, as it is hoped that it would help the country’s gaming sector grow even more.

The Q&A


Mr. Burns responded affirmatively when asked whether now was the appropriate moment to start single-sport betting. He stated that there were many reasons for the bill’s passage in Canada, one of which was the growth of sports betting in the United States. In addition, several sports leagues in Canada have chosen for the move, owing to the bill’s overwhelming support.

Another question addressed at the President was how large sports betting might become in Canada. Mr. Burns replied that it depends on a number of variables, including how it is run and given to the people. He thinks that Ontario, which is moving forward with an open license for internet gambling that is distinct from the bill, has the best chance of realizing the full potential of single-sport betting.

One worry, though, is that the grey market will continue to operate outside of Ontario, according to him. It’s unclear if additional provinces would allow private sports betting companies to join the market, according to him. He stated that no one could duplicate Ontario’s operations since it would need a massive market. Provinces, on the other hand, may follow the US model of restricted licenses linked to casinos.

When asked whether single-sport betting will be accessible by Labor Day, the CEO said that certain issues needed to be worked out. For example, the cabinet may propose a legislative enactment date, which has yet to be done. However, Mr. Burns thinks it will be completed before then, as provinces and offshore companies such as PointsBet and DraftKings in the United States, as well as FanDuel, are anxious to get started.

Make the Bill a top priority.

As previously stated, the Canadian Gaming Association has been a strong advocate for the establishment of single-sport betting in Canada. In May, the organization asked the Senate to give Bill C-218 top priority. Since land-based casinos were closed down at the time, the organization was concerned that gamblers would have much more time on their hands to wager on illicit websites, and it even started an online campaign for the law called #bettersportsbetting.

a newcomer

In a recent press release, the Canadian Gaming Association announced the addition of a new member in the form of Fandom Sports, a renowned eSports gaming supplier and developer. The announcement occurred at the end of May, which was ideal timing for the eSports business, which was also looking forward to the passage of Bill C-218 since it would open up enormous possibilities for development.

Source: Duff, Bob “Canadian Single-Game Sports Betting Q&A With Paul Burns”, Bookies, July 19, 2021

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