Phil Hellmuth has come a long way from the broke kid from Ohio who, in the 1970s, won a $2 bet while playing speed chess at the Ohio State University. Now, the 40-year-old is one of the most successful poker players in the world, having won multiple bracelets and recently earning the nickname “the man with the golden touch”. The poker pro was in town last week and spoke about his views on crypto, endorsements, business and more.

A pro poker player, Phil Hellmuth has been playing poker for over a decade. He has won over $6 million in tournaments and recently started playing in blockchain based tournaments, which he believes has a lot to offer. As a member of the advisory board of Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Phil Hellmuth believes this technology will be a game changer.

In just over a year, Phil Hellmuth has gone from playing poker full-time to becoming one of the most respected figures in the cryptocurrency industry. Hellmuth has taken his brand of brash honesty to the poker world and his opinions have started to spread beyond the poker world into the blockchain community. Hellmuth talked with us about his opinions on the issues facing both the poker and cryptocurrency world.

After his sixth consecutive win in the High Stakes Duel on PokerGO, Phil Helmut is on a roll. In addition to his 15 World Series of Poker bracelets, Poker Brat pulls off what few poker pros can: product promotion and sponsorship.

The latest is BitCoin Latinum, a new offering for cryptocurrencies. Hellmuth has found a partnership in an industry where climbing the corporate ladder is not always easy. This week, in an interview with USPoker, he talked about his endorsement deals, the poker industry, crypto-currencies and more.



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Hellmuth is no stranger to promoting companies or products. Few players are as famous as Hellmuth. Love him or hate him, Poker Brat is a fan favorite.

When it comes to marketing in the poker segment, Hellmuth offers a name recognition that many other players don’t have. His name and face have appeared on beer cans, online poker sites and his own clothing brand.

More recently, Hellmuth has become the face of Brèinfúel. Cerebral Drink promises a blend of vitamins that provide antioxidants to support the brain’s response to caffeine.

The company has become a regular sponsor of PokerGO events. The idea that drinking will help the player concentrate better seems appropriate for poker.

Last week, Hellmuth added another token to his stable – the Bitcoin Latinum. With so many poker players involved in cryptocurrencies, Hellmuth and Latinum seem like a fitting combination.

And when it comes to finding a poker player to cheer for, companies could do a lot worse than Hellmuth. He is not afraid to sing the praises of his sponsors.

During the last High Stakes Duel show, Hellmuth started the game by talking about the new ventures he’s involved in. Poker Brother is a good advertiser.

Add a cryptographic token

Before signing with Bitcoin Latin, Hellmuth verified several transactions with crypto-currencies. His interest in bitcoin began a few years ago, but unfortunately he missed the opportunity to seek investment advice.

I’ve been following cryptocurrencies since my team of Silicon Valley universe leaders advised me to buy bitcoin at $90, he says. Then they went up again after the price dropped to $300. Unfortunately, I wasn’t listening. They also told me to buy Apple, Tesla and Amazon – and I didn’t listen, oops.

Bitcoin Latinum technology enables faster processing of large transaction volumes, cyber security and digital asset management. Transaction fees are generally $0.10 and the maximum fee is currently 1%.

Hellmuth said the company has $1 billion in trust assets and trades in seconds or minutes, not days.

I signed up with Bitcoin Latinum because I believe the company will make it easier to use crypto currency in everyday life, he says. In the future, I will be able to use Bitcoin Latinum to pay for my everyday purchases, like Starbucks coffee. Try this with Bitcoin or Ethereum, and the cost is almost $10.

The company describes itself as the next generation of Bitcoin. In addition, trust assets are steadily increasing as 80% of transaction costs are paid directly to the trust.

The idea is that an ever-increasing trust means an ever-increasing value of the chips. Bitcoin Latin tokens will launch in July with an initial value of about $20.

This is not investment advice, I’m not advising anyone to buy this coin, Hellmuth said, but I look forward to seeing Bitcoin Latinum appear on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world soon.

Phil Hellmuth at the PokerGO High Stakes Duel Show (Photo courtesy of PokerGO)

Cryptocurrencies and Poker

As any poker columnist on Twitter can attest, poker players seem to have a passion for cryptocurrencies. Players document the ups, downs and latest news in bitcoin on a daily basis.

Hellmuth thinks this is a natural reaction to something fairly new in the financial world. According to him, many players are naturally risk-averse and find cryptocurrencies a unique and attractive investment tool.

I think poker players are rebels in the best sense of the word, Hellmuth says. Decentralization is a cool concept and there is an element of freedom to it. Moreover, poker players are not afraid of a little risk.

Is he considering the time when cryptocurrencies can be used as a deposit method in legal and regulated online poker? A member of the Poker Hall of Fame thinks it’s entirely possible.

With the Luxon Applied Wallet (a multi-currency payment processor), we’ve already come a long way in that direction, he says. Luxon allows you to fund your account on all poker sites, as well as buy and sell crypto-currencies in one app.

Whether that happens or not, Hellmuth doesn’t think interest in cryptocurrencies is waning among poker players. The poker pro sits on the advisory board of several companies and enjoys watching players grow in the business world.

The poker world is very smart and pays attention to the latest technology, he says. This is evidenced by the many professional gamblers who have managed to make a fortune in other ventures, including cryptocurrencies.

Sinatra said: If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere! It is suitable for professional poker players. I hope our world continues to bash them outside of poker.Phil Hellmuth is a Poker pro that has made millions in the business. He is a well known name in poker circles and has a lot of endorsements from many different companies. He has talked about many things in his poker career and his opinions on the cryptocurrency world and other things in life. He has been very public about his investments in the cryptocurrency world and has been very vocal on supporting them.. Read more about next bitcoin stock and let us know what you think.

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