The World Series of Poker is coming back to ESPN in 2022 and will feature a live bracelet event, plus an all-new tournament format. The WSOP Live Bracelet events are scheduled for September 11th and 12th on the Las Vegas Strip, with more than $100 million guaranteed prize pool.

The “wsop 2022 schedule cherokee” is a site that allows you to preview the highlights of the 2022 WSOP Live Bracelet Events. It has a list of all events, and their dates and times.

Previewing Highlights of the 2022 WSOP Live Bracelet Events

There will be 88 bracelet events at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this summer for players. The series will run from May 31 through July 20 and is expected to be one of the most popular to date.

With no mask or immunization requirements, the highly anticipated series is likely to be fully booked. With the action starting in less than three months, USPoker looked at some of the key events that players should attend.

Mark “Butter” Olivo, a poker player from New Jersey, is one of the eager participants.

“Because of the epidemic, I turned 21 and haven’t been allowed to go to Las Vegas,” Olivo explains. “I’m really looking forward to competing in my first WSOP this summer.”

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♠♠♠ Click here for a comprehensive list of’s online tournaments this summer. Click here to see the WSOP schedule in its entirety. ♠♠♠

What’s new this time?

Every summer, the WSOP is notorious for adding new events to the mix, and this year is no different. The following are four events to attend:

  • Housewarming Gift of $500
  • $1,000 Unknown Bounty
  • Champion’s Tournament
  • Super High Roller: $250,000

Warming up the house (June 2)

The new Housewarming celebration event will start off the series. This $500 will draw a large crowd, and it comes with a $5 million guarantee. A field of more than 10,000 entrants is required for this event to break even.

The Big 50, which took place in 2019, was the biggest WSOP event to date. The field grew to 28,371 people, and the Housewarming might see a similar turnout.

Bounty of the unknown (July 2)

This is one of the series’ most anticipated events. The event contains mystery rewards, one of which is for $1 million. Prior to the COVID epidemic, the event was slated for 2020. 

In the poker game, mystery bounties are a relatively recent occurrence. Players may win a lot of money in these competitions, but they don’t know what they’ll get until they open their loot. After a player is eliminated on Day 2, there will be many mystery bounties given out. One of these rewards is a seven-figure sum of money.

Champion’s Tournament (July 18)

For players looking to get into the Champion’s Tournament, an entry can’t be bought – it must be earned. Players that win either a bracelet or WSOP Circuit ring in 2022 will be eligible for the tournament. 

Even though this event has previously been held in a different manner, its return should be exciting. The finest of the greatest will be on the felt, along with some light entertainment.

High-Rise Roller (June 23)

The Super High Roller: $250,000 should attract some of the biggest names in poker. This event launches brings the highest buy-in of the 88 events.

Roller value is low.

If $250,000 is out of your price range, check out USPoker’s recommendations for the greatest bang for your dollars in this series. The following are examples of low-value events:

  • Colossus is worth $400.
  • Warrior Salute: $500
  • Freezeout for $500
  • The Mini Main Event is worth $1,000.

The Colossus (June 24)

The term relates to the number of players rather than the cost. The $400 multi-day flight event, with the lowest buy-in in the series, begins on June 24. That’s a fantastic deal for someone who isn’t wanting to blow their money.

The most recent Colossus in Las Vegas took place in 2019, with 13,109 participants and a prize total of $4.3 million. Sejin Park of South Korea won the tournament for $451,727. Keep an eye out for the 2022 Colossus to perhaps surpass these figures. 

Warriors, I salute you (June 26)

The revenues from this charity event in favor of veterans will go to the USO and veteran groups.

Not only are gamers helping a worthy cause, but the prize pool is also doing well. Even in the midst of a pandemic, defending champion Eric Zhang received a six-figure payment at the 2021 event. 

Freezeout for $500 (June 20)

Freezeout events are popular among players since they eliminate the need to re-enter. Players in tournaments understand that several bullets will not be popping out of their pockets.

Freezeouts can enable players to exert pressure on opponents by preventing them from busting and re-entering the game. Anthony Koutsos froze out the competition in 2021, winning $167,272 and a bracelet.

Main Event (Mini) (July 1)

This three-day event, which takes place only a few days before the Main Event, has a $1,000 buy-in and a freezeout structure. The Mini Main serves as a nice warm-up for the main event.

Georgios Sotiropoulos won the championship in 2021, along with $432,575. 

At WSOP, you may get a free $60.


When you sign up, you’ll get $10 free.

On your first deposit, you will get $50 free.

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The timeless classics

Every year, there are a few events that consistently attract a large audience and provide exciting entertainment. Among them are the following:

  • Main Event: $10,000
  • $1,500,000,000 aire Creator
  • Tag Team $1000 
  • Seniors NLHE $1,000

The Big Show (July 3)

The Fourth of July is synonymous with fireworks, freedom, hot dogs, and the Main Event. This year is no different. For the first time, the Main Event takes place on the Las Vegas Strip.

“After reaching 50 this year, I’m planning on playing my first Main Event,” says Pete LaBrie of Haddonfield, New Jersey. “It’ll be thrilling to pit my poker talents against 8,000 other players.”

When 8,773 players joined the Main Event in 2006, it established a new record. Officials from the World Series of Poker expect a throng that is close to, if not greater than, that amount this year.

Koray Aldemir is the current champion, having won $8 million in 2021. This year’s tournament will be broadcast on CBS Sports and PokerGo.

Koray Aldemir is the 2021 WSOP MAIN EVENT Champion! @kooraay90 is the winner of the $8 million first prize and the coveted Main Event bracelet.

@hayleyocho @hayleyocho @hayleyocho @hayleyocho @

November 18, 2021 — WSOP (@WSOP)

Make a Millionaire (June 16)

The $1,500,000,000 aire Creator is another classic event and the name alone sells the event. The tournament has been a staple in the WSOP lineup for several years now. In 2021 Daniel Lazrus cashed in for the $1 million top prize.

The Tag Team (Jun 26)

The Tag Team has evolved into one of the finest events in the series, and it is now time for it to begin. Up to four players may compete as a team in this event, “tagging” in another player when they feel fatigued. Players are dressing up in entertaining costumes as a team as part of a new trend.

NLHE Seniors (Jun 22)

The seniors tournament, which is available to players over 50, continues to draw enormous crowds year after year. That trend should continue in 2022, and the competition has always created a positive atmosphere in Rio.

Robert McMillan took first place in 2021, earning $561,060. The whole WSOP schedule may be seen here.

2022 WSOP

* Photo courtesy of PokerGO.

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The “2021-2022 wsop schedule” is the official schedule for the 2022 World Series of Poker. The events will be streamed live on Twitch, ESPN+, and YouTube.

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