Rolling Hills Casino & Resort is one of the newest casinos in Texas, and they wanted to spruce up their gaming floor with an innovative idea. They partnered with JCM Global Solutions LLC for digital signage solutions that would make them stand out from the competition. With signs like this everywhere you look – it’s easy to see why visitors flock here every day!

The “rolling hills casino online” is a casino that has increased the excitement with digital signage solutions from JCM Global. The company offers a wide range of services and products for casinos. The company’s website,, is also available in Spanish.

Rolling Hills Casino & Resort Increases the Excitement with Digital Signage Solutions from JCM Global

Rolling-Hills-Casino-Resort-Increases-the-Excitement-with-DigitalLAS VEGAS (March 7, 2022) – Whether you’re ready for some football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball, new Digital Signage Solutions from JCM Global® (JCM) make the fun and excitement at Rolling Hills Casino & Resort even more vibrant.

JCM installed a 1.9mm DSS MAX-R™ 11.6’ x 6.6’ seamless digital display in the casino’s Rock & Brews Restaurant, where guests can enjoy live sports action along with casino-generated promotional content. It is the largest seamless interior display in the region.

JCM built a 1.2mm 10.5′ x 5.9′ VB DIAMONDTM display at the central bar to stream live sports events so that visitors could cheer on their favorite teams.

MAX-R is a modular digital signage system that consists of 20″ × 20″ panels that can be connected and resized to fit almost any location. The resolutions of VB Diamond’s small and micro-LED technologies are breathtaking (4k and 8k). Viewers may experience spectacular color accuracy and unrivaled color uniformity with both technologies, which go beyond UltraHD.

“JCM’s video products have improved our customers’ viewing experience,” stated Steve Neely, General Manager of Rolling Hills Casino and Resort. “They’ve helped to underscore the fact that our stadiums are the place to go for fans to cheer on their favorite teams.”


“JCM’s MAX-R and VB Diamond Digital Signage Solutions are a flexible way for casinos of all sizes to transform practically any space into an entertaining experience. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination,” JCM SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations Dave Kubajak. “We are excited to partner with Rolling Hills Casino & Resort to create the region’s largest seamless interior display. Their restaurant and sports bar are perfect places to watch the game and play the casino’s Million Dollar Pro Football Frenzy.”

JCM DSS Solutions may be found at www.jcmdsssolutions

Rolling Hills Casino & Resort increases the excitement with digital signage solutions from JCM Global. The resort’s new technology has been installed at their front entrance, and they are now able to provide a better experience for their guests. Reference: rolling hills casino concerts 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the buffet open at Rolling Hills?

A: Yes, we are open today.

How many slot machines does rolling hills have?

A: There are currently four slot machines at the Rollin Hills Casino.

When did Rolling Hills Casino Open?

A: Rolling Hills Casino opened on September 15, 1991.

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