Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another installment of “Saved by the Loan”. By popular request from you lovely readers, I’m back with another article about the mysterious hip purses of Hastings Racecourse.

It was a busy Queens Park on February 19th, 1856. The races were getting out to a slow start, but word of a purse of £100 (around £6,000 today) at the Hastings Racecourse, located in Sussex, had the crowds gathering. The race was a steeplechase and the winner was to take home the money, plus whatever the crowd could throw into their hat.

It can be difficult trying to save up a substantial amount of money to bet on a horse race at Hastings Racecourse. The average person may not be able to afford to play a £10 bet, but can they afford to buy a £5,000 purse? Well, some of the purses at Hastings Racecourse are quite substantial, and can sometimes yield a profit of £1,000 or more.

Hastings Racecourse has been a subject of debate for a long time, even before the unusual circumstance in which we find ourselves has changed our lives. One owner-trainer has decided that now is the moment to take action. Glen Todd gave the racetrack a private loan with the goal of preserving it for the 2021 racing season and beyond.


Horse owners and trainers depend on the horse racetrack’s regular operation, and the months of shutdown and restricted training have undoubtedly taken a toll on them and their livelihoods. Mr. Todd provided an interest-free loan worth millions of Canadian dollars in order to preserve hundreds of jobs at Hastings Racecourse. It will refill purses and allow for the continuation of the racing season.

Glen Todd, the owner and trainer


North American Thoroughbred Horse Co. is affiliated with the owner-trainer who lent a helping hand in this time of need. With his assistance, the Vancouver racetrack’s purses are set to flourish once again in the following weeks of the live program. Mr. Todd made it plain that he was not doing this for the sake of fame or acclaim, but rather to help his industry.

The alternative for this field was huge layoffs and hundreds of individuals being stranded with their racehorses in the middle of the season. Following very careful consideration and calculation, the thoroughbred horse owner and trainer determined that a million Canadian dollars would be plenty for the month of August. The local horsemen will be able to continue their daily races and finish the racing season as a result of this.

It should be noted that the British Columbia Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association and the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association power the purse account. The private loan is extended to the horse people and their racing purses only. The casino operator overseeing Hastings Incorporated will not benefit from the financial support offered recently. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation takes care of the gaming activities on the premises.

Support Is Required

The Horsemens’ Benevolent Protective Association’s president, David Milburn, expressed his appreciation to Mr. Todd in this time of need. Once horse racing returns to normal and in-person gambling brings the local gaming field back to life, such a breach funding will have to be repaid. The anticipated gaming income, as well as wagers made on live horse racing, will be utilized to repay the debt later.

It should be remembered that the year 2019 was also a tumultuous one for the racecourse, with the Canada Border Services Agency and the provincial Gambling Policy and Enforcement Branch conducting a surprise raid in August. It resulted in the deportation of 26 foreign employees. They were all hired by horse owners and had no connection to Great Canadian Gaming or the racecourse administration, as it was subsequently revealed.

A Gambling Policy and Enforcement Branch inspector was found at Hastings Racecourse, according to a Canada Border Services Agency inland enforcement officer, and he was able to undertake fraudulent activities. The wording of the licenses was really what made the scam possible. The Mexican employees were identified as horse owners in them since this facilitates the deception.

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