The online gambling industry is always in search of new ways to get their hands on people’s money. Scotiabank’s recent announcement has casino owners thinking twice before accepting a Visa card deposit. This creates an opening for banks who want a piece of the action but have so far resisted issuing cards without fees attached. The future looks bright for bank-issued prepaid debit cards and digital currencies like Bitcoin, with more players jumping onto these platforms than ever before.

The “what is a visa debit card” is an online gambling site that has been experiencing issues with bank deposits. The site has stated that they are not accepting Visa cards, but Visa debit cards will work.

Scotiabank Visa Online Gambling - No Bank Card Deposits? No Problem

Online Gambling with Scotiabank Visa – No Bank Card Deposits? It’s no problem.

Scotiabank Visa Online Gambling in 2022 - No Bank Card Deposits? No Problem!The Bank of Nova Scotia (often referred to as “Scotiabank”) is one of Canada’s most well-known “Big Five” banks. It is the country’s second-oldest financial organization, behind the Bank of Montreal, which was founded in 1832. (1817 est). However, it seems that the bank’s overly pessimistic mindset hasn’t altered much over the decades. Scotiabank was the first bank to change its terms of service to limit online gambling payments to overseas sites.

In 2017, the restricted wording was published in Scotiabank’s Day to Day Banking Handbook, even implying that gambling on offshore websites would be unlawful. It is definitely not unlawful (as has been referentially and emphatically proven time and again). It isn’t, however, approved. As a result, the bank’s uncertain suspicion justifies a conditional prohibition. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods to circumvent their rules.

You won’t have to create a new account with any banking company that accept online gambling payments if you’re currently a Scotiabank customer. We’ll go over everything you need to know about online gambling with Scotiabank, including the low success rate of Visa payments and various methods to finance your iGaming account with Scotiabank, whether or not you use their bank cards.

How to Make Online Gambling Payments with a Scotiabank Visa Card

I’ll start with a brief Contents Table of Contents since we’ve got a lot of territory to cover. To discover precisely what you’re searching for, choose any category or just scroll down.

Contents Table of Contents

  • Scotiabank Branch Locations – Discover Scotiabank’s 950+ branches and 3,700+ automated teller machines (ATMs) throughout Canada, as well as worldwide offices in 45+ countries.

  • Financial Services – Learn about the various account and credit/debit card services offered by Scotiabank to its clients.

  • Discover why Scotiabank is recognized for its intolerance of payments to overseas online gambling websites by looking at the success of iGaming payments.

  • Other CIBC Payment Options — Although ScotiaCard gambling payments have a low success rate, we’ll show you how to deposit and withdraw money from your Scotiabank account in alternative methods.

  • Final Thoughts — A quick rundown of Bank of Nova Scotia’s online gaming options and challenges.

Then and Now: A Story of Acquisitional Growth at Scotiabank

In 1832, the Bank of Nova Scotia was established in Halifax. It was a lively town back then; by far the biggest in all of Nova Scotia, which housed well over half of Upper Canada’s population at the time (approx. 161,700 out of 263,550). The bank’s founders wanted to promote trans-Atlantic commerce since it was vital to the region’s economy.

New branch openings accounted for a large portion of the bank’s expansion throughout the following 150 years. They made their first purchase in 1883, when they bought the Union Bank of Prince Edward Island. After thereafter, there were only a few large acquisitions, with the Metropolitan Bank of Canada (1914) and the Bank of Ottawa being the two most notable (1919). The board didn’t take a serious acquisitional approach toward expansion until 1994, over two decades after the formal Scotiabank rebranding. 

The acquisition of Montreal Trust Company (1994) and National Trust Company (1995) was the start of an investing strategy (1997). It quickly evolved into a means of attaining global business. Scotiabank acquired bank networks in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Colombia, and Chile between 1997 and 2018. More than 23 million clients are served by the bank, which has over 2,000 branches and 3,700 ATMs spread throughout 46 countries.

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Canada’s Scotiabank Branch Banking Locations

Scotiabank has 973 branches and slightly over 1,100 ATMs in Canada, according to branch statistics at the time of writing. All ten provinces have branch sites. With the exception of Nunavut, two of the three territories have a Bank of Nova Scotia branch, although they’re few and far between. Only one may be found in the Northwest Territories, in Yellowknife, the capital city. In Whitehorse, Yukon, a single branch occupies the major roadway.

To identify a handy branch/ABM location, I usually suggest utilizing a bank’s official Branch Locator. To be honest, the Scotiabank’s online location function did not impress me. You are free to use it, however I suggest for a far more helpful branch and ABM tool. You may use that link to look for Scotiabank branches throughout Canada, or you can use any of the links below to look for Scotiabank branches in a particular province or territory.


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Accounts and Bank Card Services at Bank of Nova Scotia

Scotiabank offers a comprehensive range of financial services. Scotiabank offers everything from personal, savings, and corporate accounts to credit and debit cards, borrowing, and investing (except Cards with a Prepaid Balance, oddly enough).

A Scotiabank chequing account and/or bank card will satisfy all of Canada’s iGaming community’s foreign payment demands; indirectly, maybe, but still. 

Account Management

It’s simple and easy to open a new account with Scotiabank. Only a confirmed identification is required. It’s even possible to set it up through the internet. You may manage your account online using the Scotiabank website or a simple mobile app after it’s been opened.

Maintain financial stability with an account that provides you with flexibility and control over your funds.

Bank Accounts at Scotiabank

Personal, savings, student, and other accounts are available. Online and mobile banking, mobile cheque deposits, a Visa debit card with Interac Flash, mobile payment alternatives (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), and a free credit score check are all available with every Scotiabank account.

Accounts Payable

  • “Basic Account with Value-Added Features” ($11.95/mo; Scotiabank Basic Plus Bank Account:      “Basic Account with Value-Added Features” ($11.95/mo; $0 w/$3k balance) w/$3k balance) Scotiabank Basic Plus Bank Account: “Basic Account with Value-Added Features” ($11.95/mo; Scotiabank Basic Plus Bank Account:      “Basic Account with Value-Added Features” ($11.95/mo; $0 w/$3k balance) w/$3k balance)
  • “Our Most Popular Features” are included in the Scotiabank Preferred Package. ($16.95/month; Scotiabank Preferred Package:      “Our Most Popular Features” ($16.95/mo; $0 w/$4k balance) with a $4000 balance)
  • “Offers Homeowners More Value,” according to Scotiabank’s Ultimate Package ($30.95/mo; Scotiabank Ultimate Package:      “Offers Homeowners More Value” ($30.95/mo; $0 w/$5k balance) if you have a $5,000 debt).
  • “Worry-Free Account Matched for Student Life” (Scotiabank Student Banking Advantage:      “Worry-Free Account Matched for Student Life” ($0.00/mo).00/mo) is a Scotiabank Student Banking Advantage.
  • “Building Healthy Financial Habits Early” is the motto of Scotiabank’s Getting There Savings Program for Youth (Scotiabank Getting There Savings Program for Youth:      “Building Healthy Financial Habits Early” ($0.00/mo).00/mo).

Accounts of Savings

  • “Grow Your Savings Faster” with a Scotiabank Savings Accelerator Account (IR 0.20-1.30 percent )
  • Money Master Savings Account: “Everyday Savings Account” at Scotiabank (IR 0.01 percent )
  • “Make Your US Dollars Go Further” with the Scotia U.S. Dollar Daily Interest Account (IR 0.00-0.05 percent )

Using a Credit Card

Scotiabank really shines when it comes to credit card selection. They offer multiple brands, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Each card has a target audience, benefiting everyone from average individuals and students, to shoppers, travelers and cash back connoisseurs. Due to membership and/or enrollment qualifications, we’ve categorized Using a Credit Card designated for partner brands and students at the bottom of the list. 

Using a Credit Card for Everyone

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card (dubbed “the card with the most awards in 2021”) is a credit card issued by Scotiabank.

The yearly charge is $120.

For purchases, 20.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

“No international transaction fees” with the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card

The yearly charge is $139.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

“More Life, More Rewards” is the slogan for the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card.

The yearly charge is $120.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(“Cash Back on Your Everyday Purchases”) Scotia Momentum MasterCard

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 20.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(“Up to 2% Cash Back on Eligible…Purchases”) with the Scotia Momentum Visa Card.

The yearly cost is $39

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

No-Fee Scotia Momentum Visa Card (“1% Cash Back…No Annual Fee”)

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

“Peace of Mind for Every Trip” is the slogan of the Scotiabank American Express Card.

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(Luxury Travel Privileges) Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card

The yearly charge is $399.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(5 percent cash back on bookings with Scene+ Travel) using the Scotiabank Passport Visa Card

The yearly charge is $110.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

Visa Value Card from Scotiabank (Save Hundreds a Year on Interest)

The yearly charge is $29

Purchases get a discount of 12.99%.

Cash advance of 12.99 percent

U.S. Dollar Visa Card from Scotiabank (no currency conversion cost)

The yearly charge is $35.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 29.99 percent

Using a Credit Card for Members of Partner Brands

(“Up to 5% in GM Earnings”) Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card

The yearly charge is $79

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(“Up to 5% in GM Earnings”) Scotiabank GM Visa Card

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

“Get Scene+ Points Faster” with the Scotiabank SCENE Visa Card.

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 20.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

Using a Credit Card for Students Only

Earn 5 Scene+ Points for every $1 spent at Ciniplex with the Scotia SCENE Visa Card.

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

(Accelerated Moneyback Rewards for Students) Scotia L’earn Visa Card

There is no yearly charge.

For purchases, 19.99 percent

Cash advance of 22.99 percent

Debit Cards from Scotiabank

CIBC Debit CardA free Scotiabank Visa debit card is available to all account holders (a.k.a. ScotiaCard). With a swipe or a touch, you may shop in person, at home or abroad (via the Interac Flash contactless payment option). You may also use it on hundreds of thousands of websites both domestically and internationally. Cash withdrawals are also possible from almost any ATM machine. Visa Debit from Scotiabank is accepted everywhere the Visa logo is displayed.

Your ScotiaCard isn’t just another debit card. It’s not just a quick method to pay, but it’s also a means to earn points for ordinary purchases. It also comes with a savings plan. Furthermore, members assume no responsibility for unlawful purchases (thanks to the combination of Visa Zero Liability and Interac Zero Liability programs).

Cards with a Prepaid Balance


Scotiabank no longer issues Cards with a Prepaid Balance. In May 2019, the bank announced it would be discontinuing its Scotiabank Cards with a Prepaid Balance program. Reloads were cut off in June, and existing cards deactivated in September of that year.

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Gambling Online with Scotiabank Has a High Success Rate

The organization no longer accepts bank card or EFT online gaming payments at overseas websites after changing its regulations and user agreements in 2017. Domestic gaming sites that have been approved by provincial authorities are exempt. As a result, playing at Canada’s provincial iGaming sites will not result in any payment complications. Unfortunately, according to our personal experience and continuous analysis, no funds are sent to or from offshore gambling sites.

0% of the time is successful.

The current version of Scotiabank’s Day-to-Day Banking Companion Handbook, dated April 2022, plainly states:

Part 2: Everything You Need to Know About Personal Banking Accounts

Bank Accounts for Individuals

…If we suspect unlawful, unauthorized, or fraudulent transactions, such as illicit online gambling, we may place a hold on your account or deny you access to it without warning.

This means that: 1) Scotiabank can refuse to facilitate any payment to or from an unauthorized gambling website [e.g., one that operates from outside Canada and does not have a provincial license]; and 2) in extreme cases, Scotiabank can freeze a member’s account for depositing to or withdrawing funds from any unauthorized gambling websites at any time and without notice.

To cut a long tale short, making a direct deposit using your Scotiabank account or card isn’t worth the effort. This only pertains to payments made directly between Scotiabank and online gambling companies located outside of Canada. A purchase made using a Scotiabank credit card, debit card, or bank wire transfer is referred to as a direct payment (EFT).

That isn’t to suggest you won’t be able to gamble online with Scotiabank. You may still use your Scotiabank account to gamble online in a variety of indirect ways. We’ll go through them in more detail in the following part.

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Other Methods of Scotiabank Deposits & Withdrawals

You may still gamble online using a Scotiabank account if you make your payments via a third party. What is the best way to send or receive an indirect payment? By first passing the monies via another channel.

The majority of people would just use an eWallet, but these may be sluggish, costly, or both. Scotiabank has partnered with a variety of inter-banking network systems that provide significantly quicker and less expensive, if not completely free, payment options. They include Interac, iDebit, and InstaDebit, which are only available in Canada. 


Interac is without a doubt Canada’s most popular payment method. It’s so widespread in today’s market that many individuals have no idea they’re doing it. Interac was created in 1984 by Canada’s Big Five banks as a mechanism for them to move money between their branches quicker, more securely, and without costs. Interac’s benefits are now accessible to everyone in Canada. Best of all, Scotiabank does not analyze your Interac Online or Interac eTransfer payment. As a result, Interac iGaming payments are always secure and seldom incur any fees. 


iDebit is a bank-to-bank payment system that is only available in Canada. When you choose iDebit, you establish a direct connection between the merchant and your Scotiabank account without informing Scotiabank of the payment’s purpose. It will not be rejected if it is not branded for “gambling purposes.” Essentially, iDebit protects the transfer from prying eyes at the bank while also protecting your financial information from the gaming website. You won’t need to register an iDebit account to utilize it, much like Interac. Because iDebit is already linked to your Scotia online banking account, it’s simple to use.


InstaDebit is almost identical to iDebit. It protects your financial information from gambling websites, as well as your gaming payments from Bank of Nova Scotia. There are, however, two significant distinctions. Before using InstaDebit, consumers must first create an account with the service. Second, certain services have minimal costs associated with them. Account verification might take a few days after registration, but once completed, the service works perfectly to safeguard payments to and from online businesses. In addition, most online casinos that accept InstaDebit deposits also allow InstaDebit withdrawals.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to online gambling at overseas websites, Scotiabank is one of the least welcoming banks. Scotiabank Visa online gambling deposits and bank wire withdrawals are notoriously difficult for the bank to accept. Expect to fail 100 percent of the time, no matter how hard you try. We don’t advocate doing anything since the bank expressly has the right to freeze your account without warning.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. You can still bet online with a Scotiabank account thanks to less restricted banking network alternatives like Interac, iDebit, and InstaDebit.

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If you are having problems depositing your credit cards into the Scotiabank Visa Online Gambling, it is likely that you have a card that does not allow online gambling. Reference: credit cards that allow online gambling.

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