The rumor that a professional poker player had been using bots to cheat online casinos started on Twitter. It quickly morphed into an Internet-wide scandal as the story gathered momentum and was picked up by mainstream media outlets such as CNN, ABC News, CBS News, and others.

The “ali imsirovic net worth” is a cheater in the casino world. A former poker pro, he has been accused of cheating by an anonymous player on Twitter.

Twitter Erupts With Cheating Allegations Against Ali Imsirovic

Over the weekend, Ali Imsirovic, a high-stakes poker player, was accused of a number of serious offenses. During the recent PokerGO Super High Roller Bowl main event in North Cyprus, another high roller Alex Foxen accused him of cheating.

Foxen shared images from the hand, implying that Imsirovic examined Paul Phua’s hole cards as the game progressed. 

“Ali starts the cutoff with A9,” says Foxen. “Then he stares down at Paul Phua’s hole cards, A5, rather plainly.” The genuine film is considerably clearer than this screenshot.”

According to Foxen, the purported maneuver assisted Imsirovic in picking up the prize. He goes on to accuse Imsirovic of additional cheating and unethical behavior. According to Foxen, this includes being banned from GGPoker for multi-accounting and employing real-time assistance (RTA) software.

“Almost everyone in the high roller scene knows Ali is a cheater, but without much irrefutable evidence, most keep quiet,” he tweeted. “Enough is enough after viewing this hand on the SHRB live feed.”



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Allegations of major cheating, both online and in person

Every few years, it seems like a cheating controversy breaks out in the game. In this newest incident, one of poker’s greatest stars has made charges against another player who has been one of the game’s hottest players in recent years.

Some of Foxen’s remarks were made in reaction to a recent partypoker blog article including Juha Pasanen, the company’s head of game integrity. He discussed the possibility of building an online poker cheater blacklist in the article.

The deal might include a variety of online platforms as well as live poker. Pasanen discussed the significant challenges that such a scheme would face if it were to be implemented.

“While the concept is sound in theory, there will be a slew of practical issues to overcome on the route to making it a reality,” he adds.

Determining what RTA usage is deemed cheating, as well as what other cheating-related concerns to address, is one challenge. Individual government restrictions, as well as agreements between operators, might be substantial roadblocks.

“Getting an unified set of regulations in place will be a legislative mountain in reality,” Pasanen adds, “but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.”

Foxen agreed with the final point and expressed his hope that attempts to hunt out cheats in the game continue. The blog article seems to be in sync with Foxen’s feelings on Imsirovic.

“For the most part, the high stakes community is highly respectable and a bunch of individuals I consider myself fortunate to connect with,” Foxen tweeted. “This stupidity should not be accepted and should be exposed more often.”

Taking a closer look at the hand in question

The concerns sparked a lot of debate on the internet. Several players quickly agreed with Foxen’s assessment of Imsirovic. Matt Berkey, a poker player and coach, said that he agreed with Foxen’s statements about Imsirovic’s usage of RTA.

Others claimed Imsirovic did really look at Phua’s cards and took advantage of him. The exact hand is seen in the PokerGO video below.



With 75% on the big blind, Imsirovic raised from the big blind and only got a call from Micahel Addamo. The flip came down 642, and Imsirovic bet, only to have Addamo raise.

Imsirovic wins the pot after a three-bet, with Addamo folding his open-end straight draw. According to Foxen and others, Imsirovic re-raised where he typically wouldn’t since Phua folded the A5.

Here’s an example of Ali’s reaction to the check raise. Small 3bs do not exist; only shoves do. There’s a diamond in each of these shoves. Knowing that the Ad and a 5 aren’t in the deck, taking a little 3b choice makes a lot of sense. Pauls hole cards gave you this “sick line.”

April 18, 2022 — Alex Foxen (@WAFoxen)

Players reply, but Imsirovic has yet to respond.

With Phua on the big blind and pulling his cards up high from the felt, Imsirovic appeared to be looking to his left. Was Imsirovic truly looking at his cards, or was he even looking?

That isn’t entirely obvious, and commentators Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks make no note of the episode. Some doubted Imsirovic’s ability to view Phua’s hole cards, and the footage isn’t considered conclusive evidence of cheating.

One Twitter user said, “You honestly think he genuinely saw his hole cards based on that pic?” “That’s a little bit of a stretch.”

Another named Imsirovic’s gaze may have been a natural reaction to Phua’s high card peeling. Whatever the case, the charges sparked a lot of internet turmoil to start the week.

So far, so good. Imsirovic has yet to comment to the allegations or the incriminating hand. This article will be updated with his answer if he decides to respond.

* Photo courtesy of PokerGO.

The “ali imsirovic instagram” is a social media account that has been accused of cheating at casino games. The account also has over 1 million followers.

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