We’re pleased to announce that a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model and a former Playboy model have won a Canadian lottery prize of CA$1-million. The Victoria’s Secret model, Nerida Allison, and the former Playboy model, Stephanie Kunkel, both won a lottery prize of CA$1-million from the Lotto 6/49 draw held on May 31, 2012. Nerida Allison said she was shocked by her winnings and plans to use her prize to purchase a home.

Victoria, British Columbia residents Mario L’Italien and Michael MacGregor, now known as the Victoria Duo, have won approximately CA$1-million in the Lotto 6/49 lottery draw. The two have won the lottery’s highest jackpot prize of CA$1-million, after having purchased their winning ticket at a local Lotto 6/49 Quick Pick location. The couple said they were stunned at their luck, but wanted to share their story to help others who may be in a similar situation: “We were just in shock and we couldn’t believe it could be true. We’re just so thankful and we really don’t know how we’ll ever repay the lottery for this.”

Victoria duo win CA$1-Million prize from lotto 6/49. Read more about lotto 649 winning numbers and let us know what you think.

The identities of the next Canadian lottery millionaires have been disclosed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, after Donald and Janice MacDonald won a large reward in a recent Lotto 6/49 draw. The pair won a Guaranteed CA$1,000,000 reward in the fan-favorite draw-based game’s July 28 draw and is now ready to enjoy financial independence.


Millions of Canadians take part in the two Lotto 6/49 drawings conducted each week, one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. According to information supplied by the BCLC, Canadian lottery players have won more than CA$60 million in prizes. Aside from the major prize, each draw contains a CA$1 million Guaranteed reward.

Playing Telephone


Mr. and Ms. MacDonald decided to tell their friends and family that they had won a Guaranteed reward of CA$1,000,000 from the Lotto 6/49 draw in an entertaining manner. The couple took two other couples out to dinner and told their pals through a telephone game, but they claimed that none of them could respond to the news.

Mr. MacDonald said that they were both surprised when they learned of the large prize while collecting their check for CA$1 million at a BCLC office. He said that he initially saw the number CA$1,000, but that after putting on his reading glasses, he noticed all other zeros. The pair said that they would rejoice their victory, but that they will also take their time in deciding how to best utilize the reward.

The jackpot has been won.

Last Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 jackpot was won by a ticket holder from the province, according to Loto-Québec. The winner’s identity is still unknown, but they will be pleased to learn that they are now worth CA$11,000,000. 06, 08, 09, 12, 19, 26, and 43 were the life-changing winning numbers in the August 28 draw.

There was no winner of the Lotto Max game.

No province has reported a winner in this Tuesday’s Lotto Max draw, according to Crown authorities in Canada. Unfortunately, no ticket holders matched the winning combination in the most recent draw to earn the top prize of CA$15 million. The jackpot for the upcoming draw, which will take place on Friday, September 3rd, has been increased to a total of CA$20,000,000.

Shared Maxmillion Prize

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced last week that a group of thirteen coworkers had won the Maxmillion jackpot from Lotto Max. The group of friends had been playing together for years until their luck changed and they won CA$1,000,000. Some of them have already made plans to buy new cars, vacation overseas, or just renovate their houses.

James Stewart of Beeton, A-Bau Thong of Brampton, Andrew Ennos of Whitby, Antonio Galardo of Toronto, Baney Persaud of Brampton, David Chanthaphone of Toronto, George Pagiatakis of Toronto, John Morrison of Newmarket, Paul Torresan of Caledon East, Stephen Browne of Barrie, Susan Slade of Ingersoll, Tony Watton of Innisfil, Werner Kehlbreier of Mississ

Source: BCLC, September 1, 2021, “Psst – “I Won $1 Million”: Victoria Couple Tells Friends It Won the Lottery Through a Game of Telephone”.

Victoria Duo, a pair of twin sisters from Ontario, Canada, have won a $1-million jackpot in the Lotto 6/49 lottery draw today. The twins, who work at a Rogers Communications call centre, will receive their prize in six monthly installments starting in February.. Read more about lotto max jackpot and let us know what you think.

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