Casinos never seem to have enough high-profile executives in their employ. As the industry continues to mature, the need to keep up with changing trends and challenges is ever present, so executives are increasingly being brought in from outside of the industry. Wondr Gaming is the most recent company to do this, and it has now hired a well-known executive from the sporting and entertainment industries.

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On August 10, 2021, Wondr Gaming Corporation has announced the arrival of the company’s next Chief Strategy Officer. The role will be now taken by prominent technology and media entrepreneur Max Desmarais, who is expected to bring invaluable experience to the company’s management department. The focus of the firm will be now directed at improving its Loyalty & Rewards, Media, and NFT business.


The company is a publicly-traded entertainment firm on the Canadian Securities Exchange and it establishes partnerships and develops community in the eSports, professional sports, and music world, through its loyalty & rewards, NFTs, and media services. The corporation generates revenue via its brand partnership hosted on its loyalty & rewards platform, plus the sale of NFTs focused on sports and eSports through direct sales.

Appointment of Importance


Wondr Gaming’s President and COO, Mike Cotton, expressed his delight in having Mr. Desmarais join the firm on its journey to become a worldwide renowned entertainment brand. Mr. Desmarais’ supervision and experience in the area, according to Mr. Cotton, will be critical to the company’s development and revenue plans.

Mr. Desmairais’ previous connections and expertise with corporate partners, brands, sportsmen, and artists, according to the firm’s COO, will be very beneficial to the business. According to him, the business will be able to offer fresh, interesting, and premium goods to its large player base as a result of the stated experience.

Mr. Desmarais has also spoken out about his new position. He is both humbled and excited to be joining the entertainment business, he says. He went on to add that he is looking forward to helping the business with its worldwide expansion plans. He’s also looking forward to assisting the business in solidifying its position in the gaming and entertainment sector.

Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO Wondr Gaming has also weighed in on the new assignment. In his opinion, the appointment of Mr. Desmarais will be instrumental to the company’s enhancement of Loyalty & Rewards and NFT business. He believes that the new Chief Strategy Officer will bring to the table global partnerships with brands and agencies to help out the company.

The eSports Scene Is Growing

The sports and eSports gaming business in North America, especially in Canada, has a lot of room for expansion. As numerous eSports companies advance in the sector, the industry continues to expand. The Canadian Gaming Association had previously announced that Fandom Sports had joined the organization as an official member. This comes at an ideal moment for the virtual sports solutions provider, since single-sport betting is expected to arrive shortly, and the business is hoping to grow in the local market.

Importance of Bill C-218

Single-sports betting may be very important for the eSports gaming sector, since the amendment in the Criminal Code would expand the industry’s sports wagering options. The Real Luck Group and its eSports subsidiary, Luckbox, have been vocal supporters of the move. The businesses think that introducing the law would have a significant impact on the eSports sector, allowing it to realize its multibillion-dollar potential.

Source: Yahoo Finance, August 10, 2021, “Wondr Gaming announces the hiring of Max Desmarais as a Chief Strategy Officer.”

We’re pleased to announce that our Chief Strategy Officer, William Mebane, will be joining our company as Chief Strategy Officer . Bill will be responsible for evaluating and developing Wondr Gaming’s strategic direction, as well as continuing to manage our corporate growth and manage our players.. Read more about wondr gaming stock and let us know what you think.

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